Welcome to the 15th Annual Customer Experience Management in Telecoms Global!

Aligning product, process and people to deliver on customer expectations in the digital world 

Year after year the Customer Experience Management Telecoms returns, helping telecoms businesses around the world to take their CX strategies one step further. As customer interactions keep shifting and technology keeps offering new innovative solutions, the influential market players are once again coming together to set the tone for where the areas of key focus will lie in the upcoming year, and beyond. Although there are many challenges and obstacles to overcome, the question on most people’s minds is “How do we keep the pace with our customers to remain relevant in the highly digitalised world of increased competition from new arising sources?”

In 2019, alongside the likes of Verizon, AT&T, Orange, Jio, du, PTCL, Vodafone, Sky and many more, we gathered to assess telecom limitations and seek out opportunities for CX and revenue growth through thinking outside of the box of standard offerings, common CX processes and customer service. We looked at the new and old-age customer touch-points, such as retail, contact centres, self-service and behind the scenes of customer communication to find out what the customers need from telecoms and how to deliver it effectively.

Discover the sessions which took place this January by downloading the agenda below. 

The discussions which took place during the CEM in Telecoms Global conference, in 2019, included a range of tangible case studies to improve your CX and generate revenue during the following streams:

Digital Transformation

Products & Services 

What you are offering your customers and how can you position it?

Topics which were covered: included re- imagining the customer service model, utilising chatbots to build customer relationships, using retail as a CX opportunity, network innovation and IoT implications

Organisational Culture


Optimise processes to deliver on the promises you make to your customers.

Topics which were covered: Contact centre transformation, high touch CX, utilising VoC and intelligent customer insight for personalisation, operationalising CX and agile delivery and omni-channel architecture.



Maximise potential in customer facing employees and take advantage of the human factor in CX.

The stream covered: Customer centric culture as a competitive advantage, employee engagement and frontline delivery, fostering talent and innovation spirit to drive long-lasting experience improvement. 

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