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With the recent global pandemic crisis exposing vulnerabilities in the traditional contact centre setup, never has it been more important and timely for contact centre leaders to rethink the future and re-imagine how they can support their customers and employees in completely different ways to be future proof.

As the dust settles, there is no doubt that businesses that have a true customer vision, equipped with advanced technologies and genuinely focusing on their people will come out of the other end stronger than ever. It is time for the contact centre community to keep our heads together and discuss what the future looks like for short-term resilience and long-term growth and how to pivot quickly into the future.

The quest towards the future is by no means a small challenge: How are we updating our infrastructure, systems and metrics to manage the remote and distributed workforce? How are we managing and sustaining the engagement and productivity? As the digital channels prevail, how can we ensure a connected and seamless experience for the customers? How to leverage advanced analytics to get to the minds of what our customers really want?

Brought to you from the largest global contact centre community, The CCW Europe Winter Event brings together Europe’s most progressive customer contact leaders to share best practices, explore innovative solutions and help you shaping your own future of contact centre strategies.

Join our speakers and your peers to hear about the following key themes and topics:

Providing an Omni-channel experience in the accelerated digital channels environment

Scaling up CX automation for the next level of efficiency

Achieving customer excellence through AI and a customer centric culture

Self-service evolution into Conversational AI

Embedding voice analytics for improved productivity and quality

Empathy & Emotional Intelligence as key ingredients to success in the post COVID-19 era