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Leveraging Self Service to Increase Customer Experience, 
Reduce Contact Volumes and Improve Efficiency

The increased customer preference for digital channels, alongside the reduced capacity for service that many businesses experienced during the pandemic, has dramatically accelerated the adoption of self service capabilities.

While this initial surge in adoption was driven by necessity, it is clear that self-service is now here to stay, and its success depends on how successfully it is integrated into a truly omnichannel service model.

Self-service channels empower users with access and control without the need to wait for agent assistance. As a result, organizations will see their cost-to-serve expenses drop.

With that in mind, CXN Live: Customer Self Service 2021 will be focused on:
  • Omnichannel integration: integrating self-service into your existing channel framework, and ensuring a consistent tone throughout
  • Automated task management: enabling customer to complete frequent, simple tasks by themselves
  • Chatbots: leveraging chatbots to handle low value, high volume contacts
  • FAQs: linking speech and text analytics to the most common issues facing customers, and prioritizing answers to those on your website
  • Apps: utilizing mobile to engage customers in their favored channel
  • Service Design: ensuring that your digital services are simple to use and navigate
  • Authentication: striking the right balance between ease of use and security

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Day One: Tuesday 30th March 2021

9:00 EST / 14:00 GMT     Case Study: Leveraging Customer Self-Service for Greater Operational Efficiency

  • Discover what the Covid-19 experience taught us about how to be operationally efficient when resources are stretched
  • Detailing the many advantages the self-service approach – it works around the clock, is consistent, and can save your business money 
  • Help to support your stretched service desks and your remote workforce during these times
  • How to determine an efficient transition strategy from a traditional call centre environment towards dynamic, self-service-oriented CX environment

10:00 EST / 15:00 GMT       Refining Your Omnichannel Strategy To Serve Customers Better
  • Why omnichannel retailing has become the gold standard for success in the retail environment
  • Customer enablement and why it makes sense to steer your customers towards self-service channels so that their queries can be dealt with more easily and efficiently
  • Learn how dynamic communications can enable you to manage communications across several different mediums simultaneously, so your customer can always solve their own queries, and will never feel out of touch
  • Discover how this will reduce your agent effort and improve morale

11:00 EST / 16:00 GMT     Attention to Detail is Key: Only the Right Solution Will Do
  • Why you need to pay close attention to detail to make sure that your self-service programs are actual meeting the expectations, needs and demands of your customers
  • Why although quick wins may seem good on the surface, they will not sustain your business like a solution which has been more closely thought through
  • Tips for selecting exactly the right self service mechanisms to benefit your audiences long-term

12:00 EST / 17:00 GMT      Case Study: Using Intelligent Data Gathering to Refine Your Customer Service Offering
  • Advocating an omnichannel approach to unify data and accessibility across all channels of communication
  • How to use data gathered through automated processes to personalise every customer touchpoint and ensure a joined-up approach
  • Findings from our self-service customer data so far and how we have fed this back into our systems to optimise our systems and processes

Day Two: Wednesday 31st March 2021

9:00 EST / 14:00 GMT     Case Study: How to Introduce New Engagement Platforms Effectively and Bring Customers With You Into A New Self-Service Era
  • The importance of visibility and granting a customer full access to their records, so they can handle their data and queries on the go
  • How making a small effort to brand your portal will help to speed the self-service adoption process among customers
  • Why generic, out-of-the-box self-service portal may keep customers at “arm’s length” and how to create a service which feels more tailored to them 
  • Choosing an IT service management (ITSM), or self-service, tool that lets you configure and customize your self-service experience
10:00 EST / 15:00 GMT     Advantages of Automation for Greater Agility and Efficiency in Handling Customer Cases
  • How you can use RPA to drastically improve customer experience, reduce errors and increase process transparency
  • Why even partial automation will alleviate some of the workload pressure on your IT service desk agents
  • Listening to your customers and making sure your self-service technology is fit-for-purpose

11:00 EST / 16:00 GMT    Helping Customers to Help Themselves – A Win-Win For All 
  • Migrating customer touchpoints across to mobile-centric ones, to fit better around the needs of the customer
  • How to deal with customers who still prefer phonecall interactions with human agents, ‘the old fashioned way’
  • How learnings from phonecalls can still effectively be fed into the rest of the customer management process to inform self-service in the future•    Using self-service to understand the needs of different business areas, identify certain trends, or even pinpoint broken processes

12:00 EST / 17:00 GMT      Case Study: Introducing Chatbots to Relieve Pressure on Contact Centre Operations
  • Putting measures in place to reduce call volumes and interactions handled by agents, so that they can put more energy into more complex claims
  • Factors to consider when implementing other customer interaction channels to increase sales and how AI and chatbots can aid the number of touchpoints
  • Presenting expectations for how the customer service operation at PMI is likely to evolve over time with the inclusion of AI in the mix

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