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DAY ONE l 13TH APRIL 2021 
9.00am EDT Opening Remarks - Scott Draeger, VP of Customer Transformation, Quadient
  • Customer Experience professionals transform the entire business, not just experiences
  • CJO (Customer Journey Orchestration) technology converts customers in an omnichannel world
  • Journey analytics enthusiasts follow customers between screens to gain insights
  • Leading CX practitioners are transforming often ignored touch points into amazing experiences
  • Journey-based enterprises have responded to 2020’s crises with incredible CX
  • Customer Journey Mapping technology is growing 46% annually as enterprises map out interconnected customer experiences

9.10am EDT Understanding if your CX Journey is Successful: Measuring Customer Experience Through a Journey Lens
This session will address: 
  • Tracking journey success through defining, measuring, analysing and implementing analytics
  • Assessing experiential scores, A+B testing based on demographics and ease of use when it comes to navigating across digital platforms
  • Measuring the performance of each journey, defining success and using journey interceptions to develop the journey further
Beverly Peeling, Global CX & Digital Transformation Lead, Kimberly-Clark 
10.00am EDT Putting Your Customer at the Heart of Your Organisation with Journey Maps 
While every business is on a different journey, every journey is more successful with a map. Heart of the customer and Quadient have helped retail, finance, insurance and utility companies improve their customer experiences with journey mapping technology. It starts with some mapping, and moves to collaboration, PMO integration and even connecting to customer communication systems. See how a great journey map can align many parts of your organization. Join Heart of the Customer and Quadient as we share how “new to CX” people used Customer Journey Mapping to gain control of their customer experience portfolio.  This session will discuss several client case studies and feature a very short technology demonstration.

Scott Draeger, VP of Customer Transformation, Quadient
Jim Tincher, CEO and Founder, Heart of the Customer
    11.00am EDT Creating Intelligent Customer Interactions by Design
    81.6% of organisations agree CX offers a competitive edge, while 58% consider it a primary differentiator…yet only one-quarter of CX teams are fully collaborating to define customer journeys and design CX (2020 NTT CX Benchmarking Report). Customer journey management is critical to providing good customer experience. It does however need to be driven by a clear and concise CX guiding principles framework and design protocols. In this fireside chat, NTT will lead a discussion and provide practical advice to CX leaders about how to create intelligent customer interactions by design. During the session we'll touch on some real world examples of best practise, discuss how to mitigate common challenges and how to measure and refine your approach for maximum impact and business innovation. 
    Kamran Khan,
    Go-to-Market Leader - CX & Intelligent Workplace, NTT Ltd.
        This session will address: 
        Smart segmentation of data – assessing product affinity, customer behaviour and subsequent customer communications
        Why aren’t customer engaged anymore and what strategies are being used to overcome this challenge?
        Understanding channel integration and channel optimisation based on the demographic of the customer
        Ana Pia Guzman-Briley , Director of Loyalty & Customer Engagement, TGI Friday’s 

        DAY TWO l 14TH APRIL 2021
          For the past decade, there’s been a lot of talk about delivering a personalized experience as if it’s simply about “providing each customer with the right offer at the right time.” However, the lack of a seamless, coherent experience, particularly in large enterprises, is driving the need for journey orchestration.  The goal for journey orchestration is to harness journey data to improve personalization decisions across touchpoints, thus delivering a seamless and relevant experience for each customer.  This session will address:
          • How to ensure customer experience, customer care, product and marketing teams coordinate initiatives and deliver seamless experiences across touchpoints
          • How to implement and deliver consistent experiences
          • Personalize actions based on each customers’ overall experience
          • Orchestrate corrective actions when needed 
          Barbara McLaurine, North America Voice of the Customer Lead, Bayer 
          Ashley Lickenbrock, CX Design Strategy Lead, Bayer 
        10.00am EDT The Future of Experience Analytics
        Innovative companies have elevated and simplified digital customer experiences in recent years. And while experiences have gotten simpler, the landscape of technologies that power those experiences remains complex.
        Join Glassbox CTO Yaron Gueta to explore today's experience analytics landscape – both opportunities and challenges. Then discover the next generation of experience analytics so you can design a future-ready digital roadmap for your web and mobile applications.  This session will address: 
        • Understand the types of experience analytics tools available; how they complement each other and where they overlap
        • Learn what best-in-class companies are doing to measure and optimize customer experience
        • Learn how what the next generation of experience analytics looks like
        • See how Glassbox will lead the way with integrated experience intelligence that uses machine learning to deliver unprecedented insight into customer experiences
        Yaron Gueta, CTO, Glassbox Digital
            This session will look to address:
            • Educating and challenging Executive leaders on best CX practices
            • Adopting a fully integrated top down initiative to humanise the brand and gain not only internal buy-in but external buy-in
            • Understanding governance on change management to begin onboarding
            Lisa Kauffman, Voice of Customer Director, Formally WorldPay

            11.45am EST Closing Remarks - Scott Draeger, VP Customer Transformation, Quadient 

            Enhancing Customer Experience through Improved Journey Mapping, 
            Design and Optimization

            The pandemic has caused a behavior shift that will permanently alter customer journeys for most, if not all, businesses.

            Post-pandemic, an increased proportion of customer journeys will take place via digital channels.  While this transition will pose challenges in the short term, in the long term it will provide greater opportunities for those looking to differentiate their offering by designing innovative customer journeys.

            With that in mind, CX Live: Customer Journey Management 2021 will be focused on how to optimize your customer journeys through:

            • Customer Journey Mapping: effectively visualizing existing and future state customer journeys to identify key touch points and causes of friction
            • Customer Journey Analytics: utilizing data to measure, track and improve existing customer journeys
            • Customer Journey Orchestration: ensuring that you have a truly integrated omnichannel service model to deliver a seamless and personalized experience
            • Culture Change: leveraging insights derived from your journey management project to foster a customer-centric organizational customer, and realign the business around customer goals and objectives

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