Telintel is an one-stop-shop for all of your Mobile Engagement needs. Since 1997 Telintel has provided SMS, Voice, and Value Added solutions to Enterprises (small, medium, and large), Developers, Marketing companies, Mobile Operators, Aggregators and OTT providers.SMS Quality Control Tools: An absolute must for any entity using SMS as a service! Collect latency, content integrity, sender ID, DLR, SMS center information, and more. TestMySMS powered by Telintel allows you to test your SMS deliverables to over 400 mobile networks across the globe all in real time.Wholesale SMS Services: If you have larger volumes of messaging traffic and require high delivery ratios at very good prices than look no further. Telintels Wholesale SMS Services offers the best quality-to-price ratio available. We ensure all of our providers are tested every 15 minutes by our TestMySMS quality assurance tool,

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