Originate Inc


Originate is a high-growth AI-native software platform company, solving the multi-trillion dollar innovation challenge for our customers worldwide. As technology evolves from big data and cloud, to mobile, to AI-native, companies are unable to attract the A+ talent needed to innovate rapidly, to build, operate, and evolve technology-based products, and to profit from the latest breakthroughs and industry-wide data and learning. Focused on next-generation technology-based products, we have developed a scalable AI-native platform which allows us to deliver fully-custom software products and solutions, while automating key aspects of product design, development, testing, training, operations and evolution. With top engineers, designers, product managers, many with advanced degrees in AI, Math, Data Science, and CS, across 4 US offices, we have successfully delivered cloud, mobile, and AI-native products for over 100 customers.

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Customer Experience Management