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December 4, 2017 by Zarina de Ruiter
The big book of customer insight, data & analytics 2017
An in-depth insight into the customer data landscape and the trends and developments that impact customer experience Following hot on the heels of our CX Network Live: Data & Analytics online event, this year’s The Big Book of Customer Insight, Data & Analytics draws upon research of over 300 customer experience practitioners who shared
November 27, 2017 by Zarina de Ruiter
CX in telecoms global investment report 2018
How do changing customer behaviours and expectations reflect upon how the telecoms industry is preparing for the next 12 months? In this report we look at the investment priorities of CX practitioners for the year ahead as well as their predicted top market trends and challenges, so you can gauge where the industry is heading and plan your
November 20, 2017 by Zarina de Ruiter
CX in telecoms global benchmarking report 2018
The biggest customer experience trends, challenges and investments that will impact the telecoms industry in the next 12 months We are in the age of the customer. The acceleration of technological advancements have made customer experiences faster, more efficient and more memorable – and this has driven a change in customer behaviours and
October 2, 2017 by Zarina de Ruiter
AI 2020: The future of customer experience
An in-depth look into the intelligent enterprise investments, trends and challenges that will reshape the CX landscape over the next two years The age of artificial intelligence (AI) has arrived and is on the verge of up-ending and remaking the customer experience industry; and everyone operating in the CX sphere needs a plan for how they are
September 18, 2017 by
How can you move your digital analytics strategy from delivering value in isolation to a fully integrated personalised approach? Digital intelligence is the practice of coordinating and directing investment, operation and technology to optimise customer engagements at scale using insights that come from a holistic understanding of customers and
August 22, 2017 by Zarina de Ruiter
The global state of customer experience 2017
The biggest CX trends, challenges and investment priorities for the next 12-18 months With The Global State of Customer Experience 2016 being the most popular of CX Network’s reports last year, we conducted our in-depth research for the second year running through a comprehensive annual survey. We gauged the views of global customer experience
July 24, 2017 by Zarina de Ruiter
Market report: Digital marketing trends 2017
It’s been a year since CX Network’s last Digital Marketing Trends report and much has changed in the industry. Content marketing has gathered even more traction through the arrival of new formats and (social) channels; including the increasing importance of live video and partnering with influencers. Additionally, mass-market technology – led by
July 17, 2017 by
A brand-new report on the CX ecosystem outlining the key challenges, initiatives for successful adaptation and improvements to help you transform your businessSEE ALSO: Forrester exclusive: Designing for emotion in CX Four years ago Forrester introduced the concept of the customer experience ecosystem to CX professionals. To see how this model
June 22, 2017 by
Rethinking your CX
Rethink. Unify. Innovate. Deliver. These four core pillars of the 5th Annual Customer Experience Management Asia Summit are integral to creating great customer experience. Ahead of Asia’s number one customer experience event, we shall be exploring these four areas in a series of articles providing you with a taster of how to approach your customer
June 5, 2017 by Zarina de Ruiter
How travel & hospitality companies can achieve business success through CX
Our latest market report delves into the biggest trends, challenges and disruptors in the travel and hospitality industry with case studies and expert advice to help you optimise your own CX strategy The travel and hospitality industry has seen a massive change in recent years. It’s moved from being dominated by traditional travel agents booking
May 15, 2017 by
This brand-new report from Forrester for CX Network highlights how to tap into the full scope of emotion to go beyond customer delight. Effective product and service design is human-centred. It starts with a change of perspective: seeing the world through your customers’ eyes. That shift helps kindle the empathy required for understanding your
24 report results
of 3