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Digital Customer Experience

In the era of hyper-personalisation, consumers are demanding more mobility, flexibility, and a frictionless brand experience at every touchpoint, henceforth, a new race begins for brands to create more personalised and  emotional connections with their users in this digital world. 

But how do we optimise our digital offerings and manage our online presence without losing the human touch?

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UX and UI 

Designing better digital products through an enhanced understanding of customer wants and needs

Experience Analytics

Analysing the behaviour of your digital visitors, and assess their engagement and conversion rates with AI and ML

Omni-Channel Integration

Ensuring consistent messaging and experience across all your channels

Featured Speakers

Optimizing the customer experience with digital for better engagement, conversions and retention

Day One: Tuesday 19th November 2019

09:00ET | 14:00GMT Legal and General Insurance Launch New Digital Offering to Improve UX

In the past, employees of a company would need to enter a complex intranet to find information in regards to benefits and insurance offerings. Subsequent to this, users would often ignore or disengage, and therefore lose out on value for money. To refine the user experience, L&G launched a new user-friendly digital app to improve the speed of processing and increase satisfaction scores. In this session, discover how L&G are going from 'Insurance company offering tech capabilities', to 'tech company offering insurance'.

Key takeaways:
  • How to create a unique experience with personalized adaptations
  • Improve the UX to allow customers to upscale or make better investment decisions.
  • Improve satisfaction and engagement scores
John Hyde, Managing Director - Insurance, Legal & General

10:00ET | 15:00GMT Mastering the Digital Experience Economy

In a world where the way a customer experiences your brand is constantly changing, businesses must adopt new strategies to not only remain competitive, but to survive. The path to staying ahead of your customers and competition, is Digital Experience Optimization. In this session, discover how to move beyond the disruption paralysis, and be a first mover with three key strategies for digital transformation.

Key takeaways:
  • Thoughtful Experimentation - Bring constant innovation and testing to your team
  • Data Activation - Understand what your customers want and act on it
  • Personalization - Tap into a $3 trillion opportunity
    Steven Schuler, Director of Product Marketing, Optimizely

    11:00ET | 16:00GMT Making Every Agent your Best Agent with Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a luxury feature for the contact center. Modern contact centers must utilize their workforce to its fullest potential, while also finding ways to keep agents engaged, empowered, and fully focused on the customer experience. In this session, discover how AI can drastically empower agents and why contact centers are moving from traditional WFM to AI-empowered WEM.

    Key takeaways
    • Utilize speech recognition to better connect with the customer
    • Improve agent efficiency with predictive analytics
    • Improve workforce optimisation with AI empowered WEM

    Jafar Adibi, Head of AI and Data Science, Talkdesk

        Day Two: Wednesday 20th November 2019

        09:00ET | 14:00GMT Bank of Ireland Creates Empathy in Digital Customer Services

        In an era of digital, businesses are finding new ways to stimulate consumers with more forms of technology, however what about the people who don’t have the same cognitive ability to easily manage digital components? In this session, discover how Bank of Ireland are creating personalised digital experiences fit for everyone.

        Key takeaways
        • Collecting and analysing customer data from the digital inclusion market to build more user friendly digital products
        • Identifying channels that customers want to be communicated through
        • Transform the financial advisory market with digital tools
        Tony Crane, Customer Experience Director, Bank of Ireland

        10:00ET | 15:00GMT Optimizing your Customer Experience with UX and UI Design

        Intuitive digital experiences remove friction from the buying process, and enhance the overall user experience.  In spite of this, many companies spend significantly more time on the content of their digital channels than the UX and UI design.  This session will specifically address:

        Key takeaways:
        • Leveraging market research to better understand customer preferences
        • Establishing information architecture that makes your sites easy to navigate
        • Designing interaction interfaces with a clear understanding of the behaviors you are trying to encourage
        • Ensuring consistency of UX and UI across all your digital channels
        Session reserved for Quantum Metric

        11:00ET | 16:00GMT Driving Business Value in CX through ‘Design Thinking’

        There are many tools and techniques available to implement solutions however the critical element in CX is to connect with the customers ‘needs’. Design thinking’s unique focus on empathy helps businesses reframe a problem from the perspective of the customer to align ideas with factors that matter the most. In this webinar, discover how Bandwidth uses the right technologies, techniques and methods available to develop ideas, prototypes and implement solutions that delight their customers & drive business impact.

        Key takeaways:
        • Break down silos and make Customer Satisfaction & Innovation everyone’s responsibility
        • The ROI impact of getting continuous feedback through-out the Design Thinking sequence.
        • Different types of research & feedback mechanisms required to collect actionable insights.

        Session hosted by Usabilla
        Josh Gibbs, Platform Product Manager, Bandwidth

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