3rd annual Customer Feedback, Signals & Satisfaction LIVE
11 - 12 March 2020 | Free Online Event

Measuring, managing and responding to feedback to improve customer satisfaction and experience

Customer satisfaction and loyalty determine a company’s success. Our research shows businesses are increasingly adopting methods like NPS to investigate the customer’s experience. However, in a world where customers are over-run with surveys, emails and special offers, the challenge now is to cut through the noise and get the relevant feedback to drive your business forward.

CX Network's 3rd annual digital event, Customer Feedback, Signals & Satisfaction, offers CX professionals access to expert advice and interactive practical case studies on how to turn that insight into action.

Discover a plethora of options at your fingertips for 2020 - from digital transformation to AI and machine-learning as options to garner feedback - which innovation is the right option for you to ensure long-term customer satisfaction.

5 Reasons to Attend:

  • Hear the best case studies from across the global
  • No travel costs or time out of the office necessary
  • Access the content on demand and watch in your own time
  • Assess the latest technological innovations 
  • It is 100% free to attend

Microsoft Reduces Number of Complaints by 5% with Predictive Analytics  

Voice of Customer

Capturing feedback that focuses on customer needs and expectations

NPS & Surveys

Gathering feedback to understand customer perceptions of a brand

Market Research

Researching the market with tools and technologies to develop and refine CX

AI and Machine Learning

Analysing and responding to feedback efficiently with AI and ML

Sentiment Analysis

Identifying positive, negative and neutral opinions from text

Predictive Analysis

Analysing existing data to make predictions about future customer behaviour

Microsoft Reduces Number of Complaints by 5% with Predictive Analytics 

Historically at Microsoft’s crisis and escalation team, data was fractured across the business and extracting value to resolve issues was difficult. The team needed a way to combine customer information in order to predict problems before they occur. In this session, discover how advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI have given them the tools to streamline operations and enhance the customers’ experience. 

Project outcomes: 

  • Reduced the number of complaints and escalations by 5%

  • Eliminated the need for a tier 3 customer service department 

  • Improved frontline response with VoC feedback 

  • Streamlined processes with machine learning capabilities 

Michelle Huenink, Director, Customer Service and Support, Microsoft

Melinda Ritchie, Business Program Manager, Microsoft

Retain 98.99% of customers with Real-time Feedback

In the past, it took days to discover if customers were running into problems with their brand’s experience and by the time, the customers were long gone and subsequently, may never come back. In this session, discover how real-time feedback provides immediate insights into negative customer experiences to which, the team can work on an immediate solution for. 

Key Outcomes: 

  • Achieved record breaking responses in a single day with Happy-or-Not taps

  • Increase feedback response rate by seven-fold with real-time feedback

  • Achieve an 80% index score with improvements that raise the bar on CX

Session sponsored by Happy-or-Not 

    Paying Attention to the VoCs  to Create Actionable Results

    Large brands will experience no shortage of customer data in terms of quantity, however tapping into its enormous potential and implementing change based on feedback is the guarantee to success. In this session, discover how to pay close attention to customers and collaborate with the product, sales and strategy teams in order to implement change. 

    Key learnings:

    • Demonstrate how NPS contributes to financial success

    • React and respond in real-time with Social Listening

    • Leverage digital analytics for a holistic brand storytelling

    Speaker to be confirmed

    Harnessing ‘Social Listening’ To Create Real-Time Action

    The last thing you want is to develop a reputation for all the wrong reasons and therefore, it's vital to continuously track your brand's social media channels and look out for any red flags. In this session, discover how to use active social, survey, and digital listening to create real-time action, and provide customers with seamless experiences

    Key takeaways: 

    • Staying on track with your brand’s growth

    • Getting buy-in to for new innovative ideas

    • Proving ROI to gain further investment and scale new solutions

    Jan Richards, Head Of Insights and Planning, Dublin Airport DUB 

    Introducing CX Mapping based on Customer Feedback

    Being able to offer the best products is no longer enough as the next big is about offering the best customer experience. Starting with satisfaction parameters, discover how to develop and introduced CX Mapping by collecting and analysing feedback which has now been replicated across the business.

    Key takeaways: 

    • Translating client feedback into business actions

    • Analysing unstructured data using in-house technology

    • Developing advocacy program to compliment feedback management

    Speaker to be confirmed

    Making Real-Time Analytics and Customer Feedback a Reality

    Acting in real-time on feedback can hugely improve customer experience however listening to signals from your customers, and understanding what these signals mean for the business is far from simple. In this session discover practical steps to achieve real-time customer insight.

    Key takeaways 

    • Overcoming barriers to integrating real-time analytics

    • Empowering your teams to act on real-time feedback

    • Driving personalisation at scale 

    Speaker to be confirmed

    Who should attend?

    CX Network events are designed to offer insight and inspiration to
    senior CX decision makers including heads of:

    Customer Success

    Customer Satisfaction

    Customer Strategy

    Voice of the Customer

    Customer Experience

    Call Centre

    Customer Loyalty

    Contact Centre

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