3rd annual Customer Feedback, Signals & Satisfaction LIVE
11 - 12 March 2020 | Free Online Event | EST

Measuring, managing and responding to feedback to improve customer satisfaction and experience

Customer satisfaction and loyalty determine a company’s success. Our research shows businesses are increasingly adopting methods like NPS to investigate the customer’s experience. However, in a world where customers are over-run with surveys, emails and special offers, the challenge now is to cut through the noise and get the relevant feedback to drive your business forward.

CX Network's 3rd annual digital event, Customer Feedback, Signals & Satisfaction, offers CX professionals access to expert advice and interactive practical case studies on how to turn that insight into action.

Discover a plethora of options at your fingertips for 2020 - from digital transformation to AI and machine-learning as options to garner feedback - which innovation is the right option for you to ensure long-term customer satisfaction.

5 Reasons to Attend:

  • Hear the best case studies from across the global
  • No travel costs or time out of the office necessary
  • Access the content on demand and watch in your own time
  • Assess the latest technological innovations 
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Microsoft Reduces # of Complaints by 5% with Predictive Analytics

Shaping the Customer Experience at Dublin Airport

BNP Paribas Cardif France Improves NPS Scores by 40pts on Home Credit Protection Insurance journey

Featured Speakers

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Wednesday, 11th March 2020

    09:30 ET Microsoft Reduces Number of Complaints with Predictive Analytics 

    Historically at Microsoft’s crisis and escalation team, data was fractured across the business and extracting value to resolve issues was difficult. The team needed a way to combine customer information in order to predict problems before they occur. In this session, discover how advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI have given them the tools to streamline operations and enhance the customers’ experience.
    • Reduced the number of complaints and escalations
    • Eliminated the need for a tier 3 customer service department
    • Improved frontline response with VoC feedback
    • Streamlined processes with machine learning capabilities 
    Michelle Huenink, Director, Customer Service and Support, Microsoft
    Melinda Ritchie, Business Program Manager, Microsoft

    10:30 ET Improve Customer Satisfaction and Retention, and Maximise Efficiency with Cloud  

    A growth in customers queries will result in the need to simplify resolutions, enable efficient web self-service, and reduce customer enquiry calls and emails. In this session, discover how to increase overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness, while continuing to provide customers with a world-class service.
    • Increase efficiency by offering answers to over 40% FAQs through a web self-service
    • Reduce number of queries by 20% with a knowledge database
    • Improved personalization with a personalized subscription service based on stored search and buying patterns specific to registered customers
    Session reserved for Oracle

    11:30 ET Walmart Health use Feedback Data to Enhance its CX

    By understanding the impact of customer-centricity, Walmart Health was created and is now disrupting the highly competitive business landscape. In this session, discover how Walmart Health is focusing on providing affordable services, while keeping customers satisfied with an customer experience-driven business model.

    • An overview of real-time customer feedback in multiple touch points based on a connected business strategy
    • A deep dive in extracting insights out of quantifiable consumer sentiment
    • A walk-through how real-time customer feedback can affect change in your business
      Sarah Hitt, CX Expert, HappyOrNot 
      Shawn Nason, Founder, CEO & Chief Disruptor, MOFi

      Thursday, 12th March 2020

      09:30 ET Dublin Airport Shapes the End-to-End Customer Experience

      The need to understand trends and changing consumer behaviours is evermore important when looking to optimize the customer experience. In this session, Jan Richards shares her best practice on everything you need to know about shaping the Customer Experience.
      • Monitoring future trends and staying on track with your brand’s target audience segments
      • Developing a brand positioning and passenger experience strategy for continuous CX improvement
      • Proving ROI to get buy-in for new ideas and scale new solutions
      Jan Richards, Head Of Insights and Planning, Dublin Airport DUB

      10:30 ET BNP Paribas Cardif France Improves NPS Scores by 40pts on Home Credit Protection Insurance journey !
      BNP Paribas Cardif France realised that being able to offer the best products was not enough, and the next big thing was about offering the best customer experience. Starting with NPS, CES and satisfaction parameters, BNP Paribas Cardif France developed and introduced an online a Customer Feedback System collecting and analysing unstructured data (verbatim) which has now been replicated across the business.
      • Translating client feedback into business actions
      • Mapping Customer Journey thanks to the analysis of unstructured data
      • Developing advocacy program to compliment feedback management
      Loïc Guélon, Director, Customer Experience Feedback and Insights, BNP Paribas

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