CX APAC Online 2020

17 - 19 March 2020 | Free Online Event

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APAC’s online CX conference, bringing you global customer experts direct to your desk

Humans are more similar than they are different, however if a company intends to meet the expectations of customers in a certain location, it should know of any regional tastes that may exist. To keep ahead of your APAC customers, not only should a minimum expectation be met, but innovation must be continuous. That’s why CX Live APAC discusses both established trends in the region, and showcases how some of the most innovative companies around are impressing their customers.

Attendees at CX APAC Online 2020 will gain exclusive first hand access to carefully curated content - presentations from pioneering CX thought leaders from cross-industry. Gain expert insights into the most innovative customer experience projects from across the APAC region.

Five reasons why you should attend...

  • Hear the best case studies from across the global

  • No travel costs or time out of the office necessary

  • Access the content on demand and watch in your own time

  • Assess the latest technological innovations 

  • It is 100% free to attend

(Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to secure your place)

Pizza Hut APAC Utilizes First-Party Data to Get Products to Market Quicker 

Troy Barnes, Chief Customer Officer, Pizza Hut, Asia Pacific

Red Cross Australia Increased CSAT Scores to 8.2 through Customer Engagement

Belinda Dimovski, Director Engagement and Support, Australian Red Cross

Vodafone India - Integrate Digital into Your Overall Customer Experience Strategy

Gautam Borah, Vice President Customer Service Operations, Vodafone

Agenda 2020

Day One: Tuesday 17th March: 9.00am

09:00SGT Pizza Hut Utilizes First-Party Data to Get Products to Market Quicker 

Pizza Hut recognized the need to introduce innovation faster, and thus developed a strategic roadmap which involves adopting an outside-in approach and validating customer friction before developing new products/services.

  • How to develop a new product from research to delivery, in just 6 weeks using customer insights

  • How this approach has enabled the organization to think differently and spark true innovation

  • The two pillars of this approach: developing Capability and People & actually talking to customers and how to do both of these effectively

Troy Barnes, Chief Customer Officer, Pizza Hut, Asia Pacific    

10:00SGT The Latest Thinking on Contact Center Metrics

Over the past few years, there have been many “break-through” metrics including the Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort and Customer Emotion. But these metrics haven’t always lived up to their hype. In this webinar, we give a practical assessment of where we are now – in terms of real-time, historical and customer metrics – before making reasonable predictions for the future.

  • The role of technology in the contact center

  • Aligning metrics with business strategies and choosing the best metrics for you

  • Getting the most from your metric scores

Speaker to be confirmed, reserved for Genesys

11:00SGT Increase Savings and Upgrade Resilience and Reliability with a Hosted CX Solution

In a series of mini case studies, discover how a hosted solution provides a flexible, cost effective answer, and equips contact centre agents for success. 

  • How Mcdonald’s franchisee lowers phone bill 35% and achieves highest regional uptime

  • How Empire Cinema saved over $100k within 12 months

  • How Belfast City Airport upgraded resiliency and reliability

Speaker to be confirmed, reserved for 8X8

        Day Two: Wedesday 18th March

        09:30SGT Applying AI to Modernize your Business Analytics and Improve your Customer Experience

        Transforming CX is now a strategic imperative for businesses, and AI driven Customer Engagement Analytics is enabling this transformation. With best practice examples, In this session, discover how AI (Sentiment Analysis or Machine Learning) can help drive powerful use cases, such as customer satisfaction improvement or sales efficiency. 

        • How to generate 30% increase in Sales effectiveness

        • How Customer Engagement AI driven Analytics is the most powerful way to impact CSAT

        • How Sentiment Analysis on customer interaction can be operationalized to drive better CX and EX

        Philippe Mercier, Vice President of Analytics, APAC, NICE

          10:30SGT How to Accelerate the Development of your Multi- Experience Portfolio

          thinkmoney have transformed their digital customer services with a brand-new onboarding journey and award-winning mobile app, which led to a 30% increase in account openings and reduced call centre staff intervention. In this session, discover how to deliver solutions that delight customers, while also reducing your time to market.
          • Create with a low-code platform an end-to-end omnichannel experience
          • Deliver pixel perfect multi-experience applications within budget and on time
          • Scale your digital portfolio capability from first project, to CoE, to a fully digital enterprise

              Richard Davies, Senior Lead Solution Architect, OutSystems
              Richard Wilson, Head of Projects, thinkmoney

              11:30SGT Elevate your CX by Combining Physical and Digital Experience Strategies

              A recent survey conducted with Forrester indicated that 73% of CX professionals believe that customers prefer a combination of physical and digital (hybrid) customer experiences; 84% agreed that hybrid CX builds loyalty. In this session discover practical use cases and how to take advantage of a hybrid CX strategy.
              • Improves the ability to track customer interactions
              • Invokes positive emotions in end customers that drive customer loyalty
              • Brings efficiency and ease in providing customizable services and communications

                Aaron Everingham, Country Manager ANZ, Quadient Australia
                Sean Sim, Managing Director, Customer Centrics 
                Praveen Miranda, Head of strategy, Business Design & Portfolio Governance, Unisuper

                Day Three: Thursday 19th March

                09:00SGT Red Cross Australia Increased CSAT Scores to 8.2 through Customer Engagement

                Red Cross Australia needed to be more innovative with their service delivery and therefore, personalised their offline and online offerings through digital. In this session, discover key successes that the not-for-profit achieved by better understanding their customers

                • Reduced churn and increase retention and lifetime value 

                • Saved 4-6 million spending on marketing 

                • Improved trust and respect ranking by 2 places 

                Belinda Dimovski, Director Engagement and Support, Australian Red Cross

                  10:00SGT Integrating Digital into Your Overall Customer Experience Strategy

                  Consumers have become impatient through the revolution of digital, and therefore businesses need to adapt and respond to remain competitive. 

                  • Boost digital engagements to ensure all customer touchpoints are considered

                  • Ensure loyalty and retention through personalised digital services

                  • Streamline customer experiences with digital services 

                  Gautam Borah, Vice President Customer Service Operations, Vodafone

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