Exclusive Master Class Part 1

The Stadium of the Future: Developing Environmentally Sustainable Football Venues at Johan Cruijff Arena that Remains Ergonomic and Secure

Since granted the rights for EURO 2020, Johan Cruijff Arena embarked on a journey to be both sustainable as well as expand their digital capabilities. Sander van Stiphout, Johan Cruijff’s International Director has spent the last 4 years working with leading manufactures to create one of the most sustainable venues in the world. Using electric car batteries to power their stadiums, in 2018 the 54,033-capacity venue won the Sabre Award and have been innovating since. Sander van Stiphout will teach you the process behind creating a smarter, environmentally sustainable stadium and the benefits this poses to venue owners and operators long-term.

  • Learn how John Cruijj’s innovation centre acts as a field lab for partners to test drive new commercial propositions
  • Becoming a data-driven operator through advancements in new technologies and stakeholder engagement
  • Positioning your stadium to create stronger, societal impact through sustainability initiatives with government and private companies
  • Using energy through solar panels to create a centralized energy storage system and reduce carbon footprint