Part 2 Series: 8 July 2020: Smart Stadium & Digital Engagement

5:00 pm - 5:10 pm Conference Opening – Remarks from the Conference Chairperson

5:10 pm - 5:40 pm Refilling Stadiums with Fan Cheer and Song by Allowing Fans to Support their Teams in Real-Time per App

As the corona-virus emptied stadiums around the world and ushered in the era of ‘ghost-games’, the makers of MyApplause swung into action and created an app that allows fans to cheer and sing in real-time, filling stadiums with crowd noise and re-connecting players with their fans.

Campaign Manager Jürgen Kreuz will not only be presenting the app and putting it through its’ paces, but will also be looking at what fan engagement now means during, and after covid-19.

-        Rethinking fan engagement: what the German Bundesliga showed us

-        Visuals, sounds and the home-side advantage

-        The English Premier League – (tentative) sound in stadiums

-        Fan engagement of the future – beyond football and beyond Covid-19

5:40 pm - 6:10 pm The Shift Towards Smarter Stadiums: Using Technology to Enhance Experiences and Support Fan Engagement

As the first venue in the world to do facial recognition with their ticket payments, the Los Angeles Football Club are in the process of scaling new enterprise technologies to enhance guest experiences. Using data and insights to implement new technology solutions, their Chief Technology Officer Christian Lau will deliver a presentation on how stadiums can scale technology solutions to enhance the guest experience.

·        How business and fan intelligence is changing the way clubs can map customer journeys

·        From data to facial recognition to mobile applications, determine the key trends bringing value to current business models

·        Learn how new technologies can promote health and safety requirements within major venues?

6:10 pm - 6:40 pm PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: The Stadium of the Future: How Johan Cruijff ArenA Developed a Data Driven Fan Experience through Sustainable Operations

Since granted the rights for EURO 2020 back in 2015, Johan Cruijff Arena embarked on a journey to be both sustainable and expand their digital capabilities. Focused on supporting a sustainable future, Sander van Stiphout, Johan Cruijff’s International Director has spent the last 4 years working with leading manufactures to create one of the most sustainable venues in the world. Using old electric car batteries to power their stadiums, in 2018 the 54,033-capacity venue won the Sabre Award and have been innovating since.

Sander van Stiphout will discuss the process behind creating a smarter, environmentally sustainable stadium and the benefits this poses to venue owners and operators long-term.

·        Learn how Johan Cruijff ArenA Innovation acts as a field lab for partners to test drive new commercial propositions

·        Becoming a data-driven operator through advancements in new technologies and stakeholder engagement

·        Positioning your stadium to create stronger, societal impact through ao sustainability initiatives with government and private companies

·        Using energy through solar panels to create a centralized energy storage and reduce carbon footprint

6:40 pm - 7:10 pm SPONSORED PANEL: What will Contactless Fan Experiences look like in Future Stadiums?

From smarter ticketing to In-Seat experiences, exploring the opportunity for contactless experiences

7:10 pm - 7:40 pm The Shift Towards ESports: Delivering on the Fan Experience through Live Streaming and New, Digital Avenues in the COVID-19 Era

  • Learn how to design a new, relevant end-to-end digital experience for increased fan engagement
  • Determine the process behind reinventing your venue for new initiatives such as esports in times of crisis
  • Employing a seamless transition between physical games and digital streaming to cater to all demographics

7:40 pm - 8:10 pm Creating Community Engagement: Finding Ways to Engage the Sporting Community in Times of Crisis

In the midst of the coronavirus, keeping the general community engaged in sporting and entertainment initiatives has been a leading priority for many sporting houses. With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics postponed until 2021, the Australian Olympics Committee have been leading the way to increase community engagement and support Olympians for the 2021 games.

Amie Wallis, Head of People and Culture at the Australian Olympic Committee will present on the different initiatives organisations can incorporate to build stronger fan engagement tactics. This, in turn, will ensure communication is prominent within the community and assist venue owners when it counts.

·        Working with stakeholders on engagement opportunities and mentoring programs for younger generations

·        Repositioning the workforce to prepare for the Olympics through clear operational management

·        Having clear and open communication in the wake of mass disruption to ensure trust and engagement is maintained

8:10 pm - 8:20 pm Conference Closing – Remarks from the Conference Chairperson