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International Student Recruitment: Why Asia is Poised to Knock Out the West

Education is ripe for disruption. With the world changing dramatically, and technological changes continuously reshaping our world in ways we could have only imagined, one of the industries that are most ripe for disruptive change is Higher Education. The OECD predicts that eight million students will study abroad by 2025. Download Free e-Book to find out the International Student Recruitment Trends in Asia - "Why Asia is poised to knock out the West".


The demand for higher education continues to grow as universities and educational institutions compete globally to attract students – both locally and abroad. The OECD predicts that eight million students will study abroad by 2025. In Asia, enrolment in higher education has seen massive growth over the last 20 years, prompting higher education systems to expand and construct new universities and hire more personnel.

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Secrets to High-Flying International Student Recruitment Strategy

Global tertiary enrolment is projected to reach 332 million by 2030—an increase of 56%, or 120 million students, from 2015. Likewise, the number of internationally mobile students will reach 6.9 million by 2030—an increase of 51%, or 2.3 million students, from 2015. This e-book shares the potential region where you can capture the market share.

Here’s 5 ways to improve your student recruitment strategy

Do you want to inject some energy back into your student recruitment strategy? Looking for some new ideas? As schools and universities adapt to an ultra competitive market and focus more time and effort on their marketing and recruitment efforts, we spoke to two higher education leaders to get their thoughts on how and where the sector can improve. 

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How to Make Your Education Institution Stand Out In a Competitive Market

The big change for marketing from an educational viewpoint lies in a shift in focus says Shawn Walker, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications at Charles Stuart University. In an ever-increasing competitive landscape, educational institutions are forced to analyse their marketing and recruitment efforts to become more streamlined and innovative to stand out from the crowd. This exclusive interview with Shawn Walker explores how the team at Charles Stuart University are transforming their marketing and recruitment strategies. Learn some innovative tips and tactics to find out what is needed to excel in today’s digitally disrupted market. 

How can we improve the student agent network?

In this article we explore how educational institutions can augment the agent model with digital marketing. Why it’s necessary for schools and universities to have a handle and more control over their messaging and content even when using agents. And how ultimately that will help the agents do their job belter in matching the right student with the right university or school. 

Past Presentation: Integrated Marketing Campaigns: Measuring ROI - Nicky Chapman, University of New South Wales

Case Study: Integrated Marketing Campaigns – Measuring ROI

Great marketing campaigns will be delivered via a number of different channels from digital to direct mail. How can you ensure amazing outcomes at the same time as best value for money and comprehensive reporting? This session will take a recent case study, analyze the outcomes and highlight lessons learned.

Nicky Chapman

Director of Marketing & Student Recruitment

University of South Wales, UK

Past Presentation: Leveraging data to drive effective, efficient recruitment marketing - Jenny Tang, SMU

Leveraging Data to Drive Effective, Efficient Recruitment Marketing

• How do you utilise data in making informed marketing decisions

• How to resource your team to be ready for data-driven marketing

• People and marketing technology

• Data-driven marketing frameworks

Jenny Tang

Senior Assistant Director – Digital Strategy & Marketing

Singapore Management University (SMU)

Past Presentation: What Are Students Looking for Nowadays - Christine Chow, RMIT University

Opening Keynote: What Are Students Looking for Nowadays 

Rank and brand are still important, but more and more students are asking what the ROI is of the investment. How does higher education help to justify the ROI? How to compete with young entrepreneur universities who focus

more on relevancy, value-adding to students with proactive approaches?

• From ivory tower to the incubator – reassessing your institution’s positioning to students, industry and community

• Re-affirming the values of your qualifications for the students

• Affirming the positioning to the industry – access to quality students and affordable consultation

Christine Chow

Principal Advisor Global Business

RMIT University Australia