23 - 24 October, 2019
Ramada Singapore At Zhongshan Park, Singapore

Pre-Conference Workshops - Tuesday 22 October 2019

9:00 am - 12:00 pm Workshop A: How to Create a Successful Integrated Marketing Campaign for Student Recruitment

 A comprehensive marketing effort involving all key stakeholders should be considered if education marketers want to succeed in their recruitment campaign. These stakeholders should range from faculty and current students to alumni and external partners. Support from all parties is essential to achieve success.
In this workshop, you’ll learn how to:
·         Identify your objectives, key stakeholders and marketing channels
·         Draw up action plans, budgeting and setting out your ROI
·         Ensure brand message consistency across all your marketing platforms
Mark Garratt, Director of External Affairs at University of Bradford, UK

Mark Garratt

Director of External Affairs
University of Bradford, UK

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Workshop B: Developing Strong Networks with Recruitment Agents

Managing education agents would probably not come across as the easiest thing to do in student recruitment and marketing, especially when they are based in a different geography as you are. Education marketers are constantly looking out for ways to deepen and broaden relationships with agents to build a successful and sustainable partnership model.
In this workshop, you’ll learn how to:
·         Monitor agent KPIs, ROI and the quality of recruitment
·         Further deepen and broaden collaboration with overseas agents
·         Implement a streamlined training system to maximise the performance of agents
Diana Chee, Director, Marketing and Future Students at Monash University Malaysia

Diana Chee

Director, Marketing and Future Students
Monash University Malaysia