Asia’s Only Event Focusing on Student Recruitment and Marketing

The war for students is paramount in this extremely competitive and lucrative business of student recruitment, given the enormous value of the education industry and projected rise in international and tertiary students, according to reports by education platforms such as Studyportals and DrEducation.

However, the general marketing landscape in student recruitment and marketing lags behind its commercial peers, not only with a limited marketing budget, but also the lack of a clear marketing strategy, as well as technology and know-how that are not as polished and advanced as other sectors.

Focusing on digital marketing innovations, data and AI tools, ROI metrics and strategic partnerships, the 2nd Student Recruitment & Marketing Asia 2019 is uniquely positioned to maximise your marketing dollars for successful student recruitment.

Top Market Drivers

Global tertiary enrolment is projected to reach 332 million by 2030—an increase of 56%, or 120 million students, from 2015. Likewise, the number of internationally mobile students will reach 6.9 million by 2030—an increase of 51%, or 2.3 million students, from 2015. Studyportals, 2018.

Asian students represent 53% of foreign students enrolled worldwide.

In the US, a 5% drop in student enrolment numbers could result in a loss of revenue for schools amounting to US$250 million. DrEducation, 2017.

Universities in the UK are spending millions of pounds on marketing in a battle to recruit students as competition intensifies in the higher education sector, an investigation by British newspaper The Guardian has revealed.

What’s New in 2019

How Chatbots and Programmatic Advertising can revolutionise Education Marketing

Case Study: Maximising your Marketing Dollars with Big Data and Analytics

Restructuring your Branding Strategy with Agents, Partners and Alumni

Tailored Marketing Strategies to attract Prospective Students from China, India and Korea

Case study: Developing a Market Oriented University

What Education Marketers can learn from other industries

2019 Speakers:

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Who Should Attend

Job titles:

Chief Marketing Officer, Heads of Student Recruitment/Admissions, Heads of Marketing/Sales/Business Development, Heads of Corporate Communications/Branding, Heads of Strategic Planning/International Network, Deans, Principals etc.


K-12 Schools, Private and Public Universities, Education Institutes, Student Recruitment Agencies, Digital Marketing Agencies, Digital Marketing Solution Providers etc.

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