Accelerating Customer Centric Digital Experience in the New Normal
How Australian Insurers Must Adapt Quickly To The Dynamic Needs Of Their Customers In A Post-COVID World

May 26, 2021 | 11:00am - 12:00pm AEST Virtual Webinar

Accelerating Customer Centric Digital Experiences in the New Normal:
How Australian Insurers Must Adapt Quickly to the Dynamic Needs of their Customers in a Post-Covid World

The Australian Insurance sector is under enormous pressure to create seamless digital experiences, reduce repetitive requests for the same data and provide great customer service.
Moreover, ensuring privacy, security and compliance are as important as creating a seamless customer experience.

The insurance industry has been striving to provide customers with fast, easy, digital interactions that match the experiences they expect in a consumer world. These digital transformation projects have accelerated due to COVID-19, creating new opportunities to re-imagine how insurers communicate with their customers.

Join us on May 26th as we discuss how to maintain our ability to deliver our digital transformation agenda that focuses on better outcomes for customers and employees, whilst also delivering the types of services and digital interactions that they expect.
You'll be joined by:
  • Peter McGauran, BFSI Lead, Smart Communications

3 KEY LEARNING'S you can take away from this event... 

  • Achieve tangible improvements driven by process simplification, reduction in manual processes into digital workflows.
  • Improve your customer and staff experience, all while reducing costs for your organisation.
  • Plan and execute digital transformation strategies to improve efficiencies, provide greater personalisation, more convenience, and fewer barriers in interactions with customer.

Expert Webinar Speakers

Peter McGauran

Peter McGauran

Financial Services and Insurance Lead

Smart Communications


    • 11:00am: Opening Remarks by IQPC Australia 

    • 11:05am: How Australian Insurers Must Adapt Quickly to the Dynamic Needs of their Customers in a Post-Covid World Through Customer Centric Digital Transformation w/ Peter McGauran, Financial Services & Insurance Lead, Smart Communications 

    • 12:00pm: Closing Remarks by IQPC Australia 

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