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We are currently working on our 2020 agenda but please take a look at our 2019 event to give you an idea of what to expect. 

  • Are you the strategist, the leader, the budget holder? Challenge your strategic thought process and business approach in an era of rapid change to ensure you definitely drive your business forward in the best way you can
  • Join exec level peers from across industry to gain actionable insights and draw synergies from those who are not your competition
  • Participate in our masterclasses, deep dives, digital detox sessions, ideas labs and round tables
  • Disrupt your current thinking. Gain unique insight from futurologist, psychologists, innovators and disruptors to inform your strategic decisions. 

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Omnichannel: Challenges, Priorities and Cultural Change

Omnichannel: Challenges, Priorities and Cultural Change

Ahead of their participation in the Omnichannel Exec Forum, we spoke with Danny Hearn, Head of User Experience - Europe, Clarks and Alberto Viotto, Senior Director, Digital Marketing and Ecommerce, Thomson Reuters to compare their insights on the key challenges of unifying customer touchpoints, overcoming internal cultural and process challenges and the key priorities for omnichannel strategies.

This year at the Omnichannel Exec Forum we will be encouraging shared knowledge, collaboration and innovation. Move away from “how to” sessions on CRM and AI and focus more on the bigger picture, Customer Loyalty, Profitability, Customer Rentention and Organisational Structure. Read more here.