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Omnichannel Exec Forum Trailer

Omnichannel Exec Forum Trailer

Ahead of the inaugural Omnichannel Exec Forum 2019, we have put together a short trailer to share with you some of the highlights to expect from this year's event. In the video we introduce you to some of the key themes, what you will gain and more information on the event itself.

If you would more information including the full list of speakers, sessions and opportunities then please view the agenda here.

Or to read more on the current state of the omnichannel market featuring insights from leading organisations, predictions on the challenges for the next 10 years and how to prepare/overcome these, take a look at our content library here.

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2019 Attendee List

Find a sample of attendees from Omnichannel 2019 here, including a full list of job titles and accounts that joined us onsite to gain these key insights.

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How Data Can Turn Customer Journey Into Transformative Trip?

Each year 43% of Automotive clients choose another car brand, what if we could retain 10% of them?

Explore this presentation for Omnichannel Exec Forum 2019 to explore the power of maiximising the use of data to transform a customer journey.

Download the presentation to understand more on how to:

  • Build a common reference-system: The Customer Journey Mapping
  • Make each touch point a lever of superiority: The Customer Journey Scoring
  • Smart Data Get Closer To Bespoke Journey: From Big To Dig Data
  • From Customer Journey To People Journey: The Customer Transformative Trip

View these insights here >>

Omnichannel Exec Forum: Business Development Pack

Omnichannel Exec Forum: Business Development Pack

Move your business forward with the Omnichannel Exec Forum this June... 

This unique forum welcomes leaders and budget holders to network and discuss with their challenges and together, with organisations such as yourselves, navigate practical solutions. With over 100+ of these key attendees and decision makers, we welcome you to join this platform and engage with these professionals in a focused environment to address their current business challenges to help drive their omnichannel strategy into the future. 

Download the 2020 Business Development Pack to find out more on:

  • Who attends
  • Why you should sponsor
  • Sponsorship opportunities
Omnichannel SPEX Event Guide

Omnichannel SPEX Event Guide

View the official 2020 Event Guide here for more information on the Omnichannel Exec Forum >>

Join this unique opportunity to understand the challenges facing omnichannel professionals and present your solutions to alleviate these. Throughout the forum we will be discussing how to support organisations to meet their key business goals, including delivering an memorable customer experience, harmonise the use of these channels, and maximise the impact of their strategies both internally and externally.

Participate in our masterclasses, deep dives, digital detox sessions, ideas labs and round tables. Disrupt your current thinking. Gain unique insight from behaviroual sciente, psychologists, innovators and disruptors to inform your strategic decisions. View the full draft agenda by completing the form to the right >>

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Emerging Telecoms Technologies: What does CX look like in 2020?

Emerging Telecoms Technologies: What does CX look like in 2020?

New technologies, tools, platforms and channels to engage and share with customers are quickly becoming the backbone of a seamless end-to-end customer experience, with this is mind, we wanted to build a greater understanding of what the key attributes of the technology toolkit of 2020 will be in regard to customer experience.

With insights from Julien Rio, Head of Marketing, Dimelo, we have looked into how new technologies are shaping the design of a truly conversational experience that will transform customer experience by 2020.