16 - 17 June, 2020 | Barcelona, Spain

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We are currently working on our 2020 agenda but please take a look at our 2019 event to give you an idea of what to expect. 

Industry Insights

Omnichannel Success Story

Ahead of her participation in the Omnichannel Exec Forum 2019, we caught up with Marion Humeau, Global Head of Customer Experience and Digital Innovations, Groupe Renault to discuss overcoming internal cultural and process challenges in order to unify all customer touchpoints into one seamless journey.

The Omnichannel Report 2019

Businesses are now looking to compete beyond price and product, and omnichannel customer experience is the new battleground. Ahead of the Omnichannel Exec Forum, we have surveyed a number of individuals who have implemented or are looking to implement omnichannel strategies. This infographic will explore impact that omnichannel is currently...

Omnichannel: Challenges, Priorities and Cultural Change

Ahead of their participation in the Omnichannel Exec Forum, we spoke with Danny Hearn, Head of User Experience - Europe, Clarks and Alberto Viotto, Senior Director, Digital Marketing and Ecommerce, Thomson Reuters to compare their insights on the key challenges of unifying customer touchpoints, overcoming internal cultural and process challenges...

Emerging Telecoms Technologies: What does CX look like in 2020?

New technologies, tools, platforms and channels to engage and share with customers are quickly becoming the backbone of a seamless end-to-end customer experience, with this is mind, we wanted to build a greater understanding of what the key attributes of the technology toolkit of 2020 will be in regard to...

Conference Insights

Omnichannel Exec Forum Trailer

Ahead of the inaugural Omnichannel Exec Forum 2019, we have put together a short trailer to share with you some of the highlights to expect from this year's event. In the video we introduce you to some of the key themes, what you will gain and more information on the...

2019 Attendee List

Find a sample of attendees from Omnichannel 2019 here, including a full list of job titles and accounts that joined us onsite to gain these key insights.For more information on this year's forum please visit: https://www.cxnetwork.com/events-omnichannelforum