Connect with your customers through a seamless digital omnichannel strategy


The 21st-century consumer has a louder voice than ever, now during the current global pandemic it is critical for businesses to adapt and address these needs. With this in mind, companies must now constantly innovate, speed up their efficiencies and fine-tune their digital strategies. 

The Omnichannel Executive Forum is specifically designed to enable the cross-vertical sharing of knowledge and innovative techniques providing real-life case studies on effective omnichannel strategies. While we have had to react to the global situation and take this event online, there is still no better opportunity to step back, unpick and critically review your omnichannel strategy as you uncover the essential blocks to build the ultimate customer experience and in doing so set a new bar for omnichannel.

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The Omnichannel Exec Forum welcomes established Omnichannel experts and thought leaders from global organizations to share their expertise. These cross-industry insights provide practical takeaways to implement within your organization and prepare for the future of omnichannel where we are witnessing rapid innovation.