Leverage Intelligent Chatbot To Deliver Superior Customer Service during Covid-19

Customers are shifting to digital channels – whether it is for finding information, purchasing or engaging with brands. As a result, there is immerse potential to maximise digital engagement and outreach, and for that, Chatbot is being the next revolutionary channel.

Intelligent Chatbot 2021 highlight organisations and industry practitioners from cross-vertical industries to showcase their chatbot applications, share success case studies and discuss and debate the underlying challenges and benefits towards implementation.

Past Speakers Include:

Key Themes for Intelligent Chatbots Online Event 2021:

Enabling Smarter Customer Interactions to Deliver Seamless Customer Experience  

Harnessing Bots-as-a-Service to Deliver Personalised Customer Experience

Building a Customised Chatbot for your Organisation

Leveraging Intelligent Chatbots as an Integral Business Tool for Service Delivery and Communications

Who You Will Meet?

Heads, MDs, Senior Executives with key responsibilities in:

Contact Centre/ Customer Service/ CRM/ CX

Technology/ IT

Digital Experience and Strategy

Services Quality / Delivery


Product Development