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EX in your organisation: What does it stand for?

Compelling employee experience initiatives are relatively new for many HR departments. Our team caught up with Sander De Bruijn, Global Head of Employee Experience at ING and Bruno Santos, Head of HR from Cognizant to understand their company’s Employee Experience strategy and the critical elements in creating a strong company culture and better working environment. 

This article will provide guidance on the crucial aspects to consider, for example, how you should involve associates, and make them an active part of your organisation, ensuring that you gain a good insight into the problems affecting Employee Experience.

HR Digital Transformation for Employee Experience

We spoke with Ken Hubbell, Senior Vice President, Instructional Design Strategy & Innovation, where he discusses a number of digital tools and integrated platforms which can be used to evolve HR systems including automation, artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology.

What you will discover from this interview:

  • The most effective way for businesses to become more employee-focused and make employees feel like they are their the most important customer 
  • The importance of digital tools, how they are reshaping HR, and their impact on how businesses interact with their employees
  • Implementing software systems to drive performance support, eventually moving away from formal training
  • How Blockchain technology has a huge potential in the evolving HR space, especially with talent recruitment and career pathing.
  • Key obstacles to HR innovation and Ken's advice on how to overcome these
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