HR Directors are actively embarking on developing voice of the employee and wellbeing programs, employee engagement strategies and employee value proposition design. Companies are now investing in platforms to enhance retention, development and talent, ensuring they remain competitive, in addition to increasing productivity and their brand perception.

Creating a diverse and inclusive employee experience is no easy feat, and nurturing the leadership of the future, whilst the future is so uncertain, is equally difficult to navigate? That’s why we’re here to deliver the Employee Experience Forum! We will be addressing the key challenges and topics of conversation, which you will need to grasp in order to remain competitive in this ever-evolving environment. Join us and our fantastic 2019 speaker faculty to be inspired, collaborate with others, and map your journey to creating and delivering an optimum employee experience.


    Chiefs, SVPs, VPs/Directors/Heads of:

    •  Human Resource
    •  Employee Experience
    •  HR Innovation
    • People Analytics                                               

    • Culture and Wellbeing 
    •  Talent Acquisition and Onboarding 
    •  Workforce Strategy and Design
    •  People Officer

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    We will be bringing all new means of discussing the challenges we face, including live polling, open floor debates, workshops, scenario roundtables, and more, each designed to provide opportunities to listen to your peers’ perspectives.


    Building a culture of purpose and inclusion: Join Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer, VaynerMedia in this  session on how to integrate a sense of purpose into employees daily lives to bring in more passion and create a lasting buzz.


    Join Bruce Daisley, VP, EMEA, Twitter, the #1 bestselling author, for practical, easy to implement tips on how to battle employee burn-out and bring life and productivity to your workplace.


    Technology holds massive potential with regards to increasing information sharing, easing our workflows. Discover how workplaces are becoming increasingly digitalised, adapting to the champions of frontline. 


    There is no other conference that can provide the type of education or technical course which address specific issues that matter to you today. The content is focused on continuous EX improvement and prepares you for existing and emerging issues that keep you up at night.