Tia Castagno

Founder UnlockYourBlock

Tia is the Founder of UnlockYourBlock, a personal and professional growth company, aiming to support anyone looking to unlock & maximise their potential via a carefully combined blend of resilience & motivation tools. Tia brings together her 15+ years Corporate career experience, reaching the peaks of Leadership & Innovation at top 3 global communication networks; 14 years of yoga & meditation as a student as well as teacher; and the very treasured learnings of the HeartMath® Institute. Since 1991, HeartMath researches and develops reliable, scientifically based user-friendly self-regulation tools that bridge the connection between heart and mind and deepen people’s connection with others.

In emotional and mental wellbeing, Tia found not only the answer to stress management but also the source of creative expression, effective communication, confidence & empowerment, heart-full leadership, overall success in work and life and a renewed sense of activism.

Main Conference Day One (24 Sep)

Tuesday, September 24th, 2019


We are more connected than we have ever been, we have access to the most innovative and facilitating technology we’re ever had, almost everywhere. We spend more time online and working than ever before, yet employee engagement and wellbeing remain at their lowest, with a shocking impact on mental and physical health. Why?
Join this panel and discuss how to make our digital lives more manageable and enjoyable, ensuring technology is used as a tool to empower, rather than a tool to make your employees feel chained to work. The panel members will explore the following:
·         Your role in encouraging a healthy work-life balance
·         Acknowledging when things are about to go too far
·         Advice to prevent irreversible damage 

Main Conference Day Two (25 Sep)

Wednesday, September 25th, 2019


There’s more and more evidence today that our success depends more on how well we can manage our emotional energy than on our intellectual capabilities. Yet, focus at individual and company level is often on training skewed to intellectual development. Also, many wellness initiatives tend to fail because they are not resting on the vital foundation of individual and team’s (sustainable) emotional management. Businesses are just starting to realise how vital (positive) emotions are to their success, as they directly impact the performance, satisfaction and happiness of their people.

In this session, through a simple live demo using the HeartMath biofeedback technology, you’ll see at a glance the difference that cultivating positive emotions has on our physical and mental wellbeing and, more importantly, how easy it can be to stay in that state.

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Tia.

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