Robin Lilley

Group Director, Leadership & Capability Coca Cola HBC

Robin heads up Leadership and Capability development for Coca Cola Hellenic, one of the world’s largest beverages companies. He has worked in the coke system on and off for over 15 years. Robin has a wide range of experience working globally across sectors from the military, manufacturing, FMCG and Oil and Gas; in a variety of  functions from operations management, consulting, sales, and HR – all with a consistent theme – how do you enable individuals, teams and organisations to deliver their best performance.

Main Conference Day One (24 Sep)

Tuesday, September 24th, 2019


There are many factors which can make or break Employee Experience, and one of them is considered more crucial than most – the leadership team. It is not only the mere commitment to the cause that will make any EX design come to life; more importantly, it is the understanding of what the employees need to be able to thrive. Moreover, they need to possess the knowledge and skills on how to make it happen and take daily steps in the right direction, leading by example and setting guidelines and best practices.
From team managers to the executive board, our leadership has a duty to establish modern, employee-friendly workplaces and it is the duty of the HR practice to enable them with the right tools and knowledge to achieve that.
This panel discussion will provide you with information needed to be able to drive your leadership to champion Employee Experience. We will discuss questions around:
·         The main obstacles to delivering EX successfully
·         The role of the leadership team in delivering EX
·         The challenges leaders are facing in driving EX
·         The data needed to engage the leadership team in taking initiative in delivering EX
·         The key skills that the leadership team needs to possess and the best way to get these across
·         Making EX a business priority for everyone

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