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22 - 24 October, 2019

Pocket Guide: How to Boost Employee Experience on Budget

58% of EX-professionals claimed that budget was one of the main factors delaying the implementation and enhancement of EX strategies. However, the budget doesn't always have to be an issue, with effective low-cost strategies now available to implement. Find out more in the full piece here.

Building an effective strategy isn't always about investing in extensive programmes, small yet well planned and executed strategies can produce the same, if not a greater impact. We spoke to Ben Whitter, CEO of World Employee Experience Institute to hear his insights on some low-cost strategies to optimise your employee experience within your organisation. View the video of what you can expect from this content piece here:

Find out more on how to build your EX Strategy on a budget here

In this article we discuss the following actions that can be followed to ensure high-impact, low-cost changes:

  • Create a culture of diversity and inclusion

The culture of your organisation ultimately sets the tone for employee's experience, if this is not one that promotes diversity and inclusion this can be harmful. Employee's mindsets and motivation are driven by the culture that surrounds them, and therefore it is essential that steps are taken to integrate a healthy culture to drive a positive day to day experience. Find out how to kick this off with simple in-expensive steps here.

  • Introduce employee wellbeing initiatives

As mental health is now one of the main focuses for HR departments and wellbeing specialists, it is vital that wellbeing is a priority with clear actions put in place. Wellbeing specialists, happiness directors and HR teams are often prompted with the need for standing desks, morning yoga programmes and coaches to implement these initiatives. However this is not the case, happiness does not have to cost a penny - explore 3 effective steps to get started with here.

  • Introduce small rewards and bonuses

Employees are the best asset of your company. Acknowledge their hard work and make them feel appreciated. Although a freebie every once in a while is welcomed this is not a critical focus - thoughtful initiatives and ones that won’t break the bank can be found here.

  • Personalise their workplace experience

Often high-cost and widely implemented strategies don't always have the same impact of more carefully curated ones. The most inexpensive method is quite simply: talk to your employees. Find out their pain points and go from there. Is lunch at their desks dragging the day out for your team? Find an outside space and get the team out for an hour over lunch.Take a look at our array of personalised employee experience ideas here.

  • Digitalise your HR function

Now, we don't mean thousands of pounds of investment. Often, and understandably, this can be a long way off for organisations but this doesn't mean that your HR function can't be digitalised in a low-cost, simple way to transform the employee experience. Read more on some of the low-cost digitalisation tools you can use to drive growth here.

Find out more on how to build your EX Strategy on a budget here

Ben Whitter, CEO, WEEI will be joining at Employee Experience UK where he will be discussing:


This is a must attend workshop, aimed at organisations pursuing competitive people advantage and setting themselves up to think more strategically about Employee Experience.

Improvised employee engagement and wellbeing initiatives, thrown together to fulfil one specific short to mid-term goal just doesn’t cut it anymore. Sophisticated and forward-looking employers are moving beyond annual engagement surveys, generalised reward & benefits schemes and annual activities to promote wellness to a truly integrated holistic approach.

This workshop will provide you with practical advice and tools for setting up an Employee Experience strategy and navigating the complexity of this journey.

You will walk away with:

• An understanding of what a compelling end-to-end EX design looks like and its components

• Guidance on how to develop experience capabilities within your HR team

• An ability to reassess and identify your strength and weaknesses, as well as areas to focus on

• Knowledge of how to effectively support and motivate your employees

View more in the full event agenda here