Employee Experience Forum

22 - 24 October, 2019

Lessons learnt from Employee Experience

Earlier this year we worked with blogger, author and Employee Experience thought leader Emma Bridger to share her insights on tackling the challenges of employee experience transformation in the workplace. Emma joined us for our event earlier this year and below she shared her experiences with us. 

“Working in this field, I’ve been to A LOT of conferences: I’ve experienced the good, the bad and the ugly! And I have to say this was one of the best events I have been to in years.” 

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With the variety of sessions, experienced speakers from world-renowned organisations and thought-provoking lenses of EX valuable insights were gained.  Take a look at the top five takeaways taken from the event: 

1. AI is here, and it’s going to be big to help personalise EX

The future is already here according to Britta Heissenberger (Europe Head of HR, IBM Global Business Services), no looking 10 years ahead, AI is in the present! 

IBM are now using Watson, the suite of enterprise-ready AI apps, to enhance their employee’s experience. 

“Imagine recruitment being as easy, and efficient as ordering an Uber? Or a learning offer more akin to Netflix?” 

Exciting stuff that may seem a fair distance in the future being implement here and now? It’s an exciting time for development and to hear it from one of the leaders in the field.

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2. Tech is a means to an end

Technology has forever, since it’s take off, often been about the ‘shiny new thing’ but what does it actually offer us? Tech is a means to an end, but not the end itself.

How many of us have an Echo? Yet how many of us leave it sitting idle as opposed to using the functionality it offers? Put your pen and paper down, Alexa can create your shopping list. Use these ‘shiny new things’ to drive the solution to the problem it was created for. 

Many speakers discussed just this; change theory, tech underpinned by people science and psychology to ensure tech is used to full potential. And that’s how it will shape the future...

3. Consider your organisations life-cycle for EX as well as your employee life-cycle

Sameer Khanna, Global HRBP at Ericsson, describes the stages of the organisation life-cycle from birth, to growth, then maturity, through to decline or revival. 

"Employee life-cycle is critical to understand and explore but how does this fit into the wider organisation life-cycle for EX? He then used the lens of the organisation life-cycle to view the different stages of the employee life-cycle."

The understanding of this presents a deeper and detailed perspective of understanding EX and interventions to put in place to improve it. 

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4. Get a multi-disciplinary squad in order to make it happen

The success stories of organisations including ING and Orange Business Services all followed the same theme: getting the right people involved upfront. 

Get decision makers from all areas involved, hear their pain points, ideas and strategies of how to get you there to build something cohesive. 

We heard from one global company that realised they were looking at mapping 9 journeys for 10 employee personas, in 42 different countries. Understandably they felt overwhelmed! By understanding what your employees need the most, hearing it from them, then scaling up and up gradually from there.

5. The way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers

As Richard Branson once said…. ‘If you treat your people well, and get your EX right, then you’ll experience higher levels of engagement and all the positive business benefits that brings’. 

Don’t get me wrong, employees are not the same as customers. Yet employee experience does not only affect employees themselves and the environment/culture they are in but also how they interact with customers going forward. Keep your best employees and they will bring in and keep your best customers.

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With speakers including:

Bruce Daisley, VP, EMEA, Twitter

-   Jo Bartnicke, Global Change Manager, People Experience, Unilever

Magali Demierre, Global Head of Employee Experience, Phillip Morris International

- Robin Lilley, Group Director, Leadership & Capability, Coca Cola HBC

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