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22 - 24 October, 2019

Forbes: Why Employee Experience is critical to you

Recently an article on Forbes focused on ‘Why Your Company Needs To Care About The Employee Experience’ and we wanted to share some takeaways and key insights with you (http://bit.ly/2Y04pVY). 

The concept that employees are redefining what a ‘great job’ looks like is an exciting one – now it is not simply the responsibility of an employee to deliver a ‘great performance’ but that this is also held accountable for the organisation.

The article stipulates that more than two-thirds of the population are both dissatisfied and/or disengaged at work, with 23% saying they have a ‘good job’ and only a tiny 4% believing they have a ‘great job’.

Besides the obvious emotional and personal benefits, statistics also show how huge the benefits of an engaged and driven employee can be, with productivity rates achieving:

  • Satisfied employees: 100%
  • Engaged employees: 144%
  • Inspired employees: 225%

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Now employee experience is here to switch things up, not only achieve but surpass these numbers with a tailored approach to drive inspiration in the workplace. The article detailed how they believe this can be delivered, when broken down into clear steps:

1. Experience breeds trust.

With 78% of the public claiming that the way an employer is towards it’s employees is the no.1 indicator of their trustworthiness as a company and culture.

2. Build a growth culture.

A big one within millennial employees especially its growth and development. 93% of these now view ongoing skills and development as critical to their career and progression.

3. Connect personal and professional purpose.

Above all other factors, meaningful work is the no.1 reason that employees remain in their job – a key consideration to drive their feeling of purpose.

4. Champion culture from the C-suite.

Actions speak louder than words. Yes, it’s a saying that’s arguably been overused but it still stands true. 79% of leaders think purpose is central to success in business, yet only 34% actively use this to guide their business strategy. Find out more on how to achieve this in our Pocket Guide to Employee Experience here.

So what can we takeaway from this? As detailed in the article it is clear that a positive experience is one that turns employees into advocates. As the people that shape a workplace culture it is clear that this is where businesses must begin to implement elements that competition cannot replicate.

"A positive experience turns employees into advocates. That’s critical since employees are a differentiator and culture may be the only thing your competition can’t copy"

Read more in the full Forbes article here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesnycouncil/2019/04/02/why-your-company-needs-to-care-about-the-employee-experience/#acfb951691ea

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