Workshop Day (23 Sep)



Ben Whitter - Founder & CEO, World Employee Experience Institute (WEEI)
This is a must attend workshop, aimed at organisations pursuing competitive people advantage and setting themselves up to think more strategically about Employee Experience.
Improvised employee engagement and wellbeing initiatives, thrown together to fulfil one specific short to mid term goal just doesn’t cut it anymore. Sophisticated and forward looking employers are moving beyond annual engagement surveys, generalised reward & benefit schemes and annual activities to promote wellness to a truly integrated holistic approach.
This workshop will provide you with practical advice and tools for setting up Employee Experience strategy and navigating the complexity of this journey. 
You will walk away with:
·        An understanding of what a compelling end-to-end EX design looks like and its components
·        Guidance on how to develop experience capabilities within your HR team
·        An ability to reassess and identify your strength and weaknesses, as well as areas to focus on
· Knowledge of how to effectively support and motivate your employees

Ben Whitter

Founder & CEO
World Employee Experience Institute (WEEI)

12:30 - 13:00 NETWORKING BREAK

Many organisations are facilitating an ongoing digital transformation of their workplace, adding tools and platforms to help employees with easing their workflow, increasing two-way communication and accessibility to their overall career journey.
With so much money invested in these tools and best interests at heart (hopefully), organisations are often challenged with resistance to change, lack of enthusiasm about the new addition, as well as limited use in comparison to the full potential offered.
This workshop will look at the barriers and opportunities during the digital transformation process beyond practicalities such as employee training needs etc. It will provide an overview of psychological levers and barriers for digital uptake looking at true employee needs, beyond what you can pick up in a survey and organisational culture. Making sure you design your future digital experiences with intent of solving real frustrations and aligning with your people’s development goals.
You will walk away with knowledge on how to:
·         Identify barriers for uptake
·         Help your employees with the digital transition from a psychological perspective
·         Co-create digital experiences to add value

Katharina Wittgens

Managing Director & Business Psychology Consultant

14:30 - 15:00 NETWORKING BREAK

To succeed with the new ways of work in particular Agile, changing mentalities is imperative and scalable mindset changes aren’t easy. While Silicon Valley darlings have had the luxury of building their entire organisation around Agile, incumbent enterprises in all industries are struggling to find the shortest and safest route to mass adoption. 

You will learn about:
  • What are examples of best practices? Who succeeded?
  • Is Agile for IT only or does it apply to other sides of the organisation as well?
  • How do we roll out Agile not as an imposed new project but as a mentality change?
  • How do we get true buy-in by reigniting passion and enabling value?
  • How do we motivate and inspire people towards working in fast, productive teams that match the new ways of work?
  • What are the pitfalls? What are some practical tips and shortcuts? 
  • Should we rethink leadership to support it?

Duena Blomstrom

Keynote Speaker, Author, Co-Founder & CEO
Emotional Banking and PeopleNotTech


Set your evening aside for some real inspiration and join us to talk about people leadership journeys with Human-First leaders in an intimate setting, accompanied by drinks and laughs.
This is a great opportunity to ask questions 1-to-1 and get to know the people you will spend the next two conference days with. 
“How do we effectively integrate purpose into Employee Experience design?”

“How do we lead in a Human-First fashion?” 

“How do we instill psychological safety in our organisations?”

Kevin Monroe

Host of The Higher Purpose Podcast & Founder
X Factor Consulting


Claude Silver

Chief Heart Officer


Mike Vacanti

CEO Advisor & Change Expert, Founder of the #HumanFirst Club
MJ Vacanti


Duena Blomstrom

Keynote Speaker, Author, Co-Founder & CEO
Emotional Banking and PeopleNotTech