Download The Agenda | Employee Experience

The Employee Experience Forum is returning 23rd-25th September 2019 at the Waldorf Hilton, London.

Designed to help organisations like yours pioneer employee growth, development and wellbeing to achieve an unbeatable competitive people advantage and long-term health for your business.

Join the conference and gain:

Super Strength: Empower individuals with personalised learning and development programmes

Healing Abilities: Create innovative employee wellness and leading mental health awareness initiatives to drive and sustain a healthy business

Time Travel: Look into the future and get a glimpse of the technologies adopted to facilitate communication and reinforce a sense of belonging

Go on a Mission: Sharpen your values, integrating them into your Employee Experience to gain a clear sense of direction, consistency and confidence

Telepathy: Develop an unrivalled understanding of your people to identify employee pain-points and action feedback 

Invisibility: Go behind the scenes to design and standardise seamless Employee Experience programmes which you can use to measure the success

Download the full agenda or email for more information.

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