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What if you made your employees feel fulfilled? In order for your employee to showcase their full potential, they need to be empowered, supported, motivated and recognised when pursuing the things they excel at. Guide your employees in finding work that provides them with a sense of purpose.  

The Employee Experience Forum gathers people leaders, working on developing an EX, aimed at facilitating employee wellbeing, maximising their development and performance and ultimately, increasing employee retention. Explore the ways to fulfill your employees needs to ensure you are retaining your best talent, developing your employees and attracting new talent. 

 We are bringing people leaders from around the globe to empower them to build modern workplaces that are fit for the Age of the Employee, delivering a competitive advantage and attracting talent that will thrive in order to become the next generation of Human-First leaders. Join us this September as we host another 3 days of roundtables, workshops, networking and forums to allow you to flourish in your role as talent advocates. 

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​What's on the agenda?​

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Embedding purpose and inclusion into your work culture
How do we integrating purpose and values into Employee Experience to gain a clear sense of direction and boost employee engagement?

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Empowering through digitalisation and connectivity
How do we use technology to reinforce the sense of belonging and facilitate two-way communication and transparency?

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Pioneering wellness and battling burnout
How do we create employee wellness programs to sustain a healthy and efficient organisation in the long run?

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Active listening and impactful feedback actioning
How do we dig deep to identify employee pain points and understand employee’s core needs and action feedback to demonstrate progress?

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Raising talent through enhancing individual “superpowers”
How do we personalise learning and development to retain and grow individuals?

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