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Next Gen Banking: Forging the Omnichannel Banking Strategy in Asia

In this report we explore the nuances of the next-generation of banks both the digital bank and the physical branch, how they tie together through an omnichannel approach and what banks need to do to gain competitive edge. Discover:

How to enable “frictionless interactions”

What hallmarks of quality will define the digitally-empowered bank of the future in Asia?

What are the characteristics of a next-generation branch? 

7 Ways To Ensure Your Bank’s Agility For A Digital World

Although most progressive banks and financial institutions have begun their Agile/DevOps programs, enterprise-wide adoption remains an issue with hyped up expectations and some false starts. Here we pick out 7 ways banks can ensure successful agility for a digital world.

How the banking status quo is being disrupted

Digital disruption is challenging the status quo in the banking sector. But what exactly are the roles of APIs and Fintech in this brave new world? How are traditional banking models being tested? We spoke with Jeremy Berger, Chief Operating Officer at Arival Bank, a venture-backed digital banking startup for SMEs, to discuss these new trends. We talk through what innovative methods Arival Bank is bringing to the table, how APIs are transforming the banking model and how Fintech partnerships can help banks navigate this era of rapid change.