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How Design Thinking Can Create Human-Centric Organisation

How Design Thinking Can Create Human-Centric Organisation

Why design thinking can make your organsiation human-centric

How can you implement a design thinking approach to make an organisation more human-centric? Company culture defines how people feel and behave. Seeing the world through the eyes of employees is a first step to designing a great employee experience. And design thinking can get you there.

In part one we explored how design thinking can improve your customer experience. In this ebook we explore using design thinking to create a better organisation internally. From journey mapping to framework we look at the steps and questions you need to consider. We also speak with Zahira Sughra Zainuddin, Head, Senior Vice-President’s Office, Group Human Resources at PETRONAS to see how they built a design thinking approach into their strategy to understand their human workforce and improve employee experience.


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