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How to be a CX leader: Lessons from FedEx

Scott Wilson, Customer Experience Principal at FedEx, shares his insights on the evolution of CX and how CX leaders can stay ahead of the game.

Shep Hyken On How Leadership Sets The Tone Of Culture

This piece was originally posted in Shep Hyken's blog

One of the Shepard Letter subscribers, who asked to remain anonymous, recently shared a story worth telling. To protect him from the backlash he’s concerned about, we’ll change his name to “protect the innocent,” as the saying goes, just in case someone from his company reads this. So, we’ll just refer to him as Bob.

4 Steps To Building A CX Investment Case

We are faced with a major customer experience (CX) paradox.

That is, more than 80 per cent of organisations aspire to be a CX leader. Yet only one in five deliver good or great CX.

This scenario is playing out at a time when CX is under the spotlight like never before - investments in programs are increasing, CX regularly ranks among the top business priorities, and it is viewed as a key way to differentiate your business from competitors.

VIDEO: Retaining the Human touch in Customer Service

Retaining the Human touch in Customer Service training will retain the HUMAN touch in long term loaylty with your external customers. Make them the ambassadors of your Brand!

PODCAST: Customer Transformation

"Ask your customer where their pain points are in there, from a customer perspective. Then you try to take away these pain points."

A Guide To Customer Engagement Strategies

What is a customer engagement strategy?

Nothing assures organic growth like customer engagement. Whatever your aggressive advertising campaign may be, from huge sale promotions, reward programmes or a promise of low prices, you might get customers through the door, but they will leave the room fast if you fail to inspire those people to become long-serving, loyal customers, otherwise known as ‘true-believers’. This leaves your company at risk of surviving purely based on price-relationships alone, and failing the opportunity to prosper. guarantees