A selection of unique and exclusive CX insights from the Nordics leading lights

It’s safe to say 2020 hasn’t gone as planned.
For many of us in the Nordics (and globally), lockdown has become a reality, for those of us not in ‘lockdown’, we’re still hugely restricted on what we can do, who we can see and where we can go. These restrictions have undoubtedly had a profound impact on our customers. The way they interact with us, their changing needs and behaviours, how we market to them and even our ability to meet their expectations have all undergone significant change. 

But change can be a good thing – an opportunity to innovate, improve and drive competitive advantage. Through interactive Q&A and a selection of unique and exclusive insights from the regions key thought-leaders, we’re bringing the community together, to learn from one another, debate the changing role of CX in the region, and find ways forward in this time of unprecedented disruption and change. 

Your customers are changing how they interact with you. Be the change they need you to be.

Join us to address key issues including:

When should we use automated processes, such as AI, augmented reality, self-service and chat-bots and what is really stopping us from adopting them?

What is driving the customer’s emotional, cognitive and behavioural needs and how can we differentiate between data and intelligence to extract meaningful business insights?

Looking towards the future of customer engagement, where do we see new potential channels opening up and how do we prepare to interact with our customers over them?

With employee experience becoming a key differentiator and elevator of customer experience, what internal, cultural and process challenges should we be watching out for?

2020 Speakers Include:

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