Day One - 11 May 2021

9:00 am - 9:45 am Panel Discussion: 2021 Expectations in Customer Experience for Telecoms

Nick McFarlane - Head of Customer Experience, Sky
Hazvinei Matsangaise - Head of Contact Centre Operations & CX, ECONET Wireless

Lockdowns and the shift to remote working has meant that customers working from home have a higher need for a reliable and frictionless experiences with their telco providers. While continuing to offer business as usual, telcos also need to ensure they are adapting to the changing trends in consumer behavior, while staying on top of their competitors in an environment where customers can easily switch providers. In this session, join the conversation with our panelist speakers on:

  • What are the challenges of optimizing the CX within the telecoms industry? 
  • How telcos have adapted to the growing importance of their product and services
  • Quality assurance monitoring and managing work from home environments
  • Success stories of effective strategies in CX, Digital CX, Customer Insights, UX, User Design and more

Nick McFarlane

Head of Customer Experience


Hazvinei Matsangaise

Head of Contact Centre Operations & CX
ECONET Wireless

10:00 am - 10:45 am How Telstra Turned AI Aspirations into a Digital Customer Service Transformation

Betsy Shaefer - Director of Marketing, IBM Watson
Paul Rilstone - Head of Digital, Telstra

Telstra is undergoing a massive shift towards digital, infusing AI into their business practices – beginning with revamping their approach to customer service. Dive into the specific challenges Telstra faced from transforming their company culture to proving the success of the initial implementation – the project began with one customer-facing chatbot. In this session, IBM sits down with Telstra for a candid discussion on the Australian telecommunication leader’s journey to AI which:

  • Expanded into multiple internal and external use cases
  • Collectively saved an estimated ten million dollars and boosted their NPS score
  • Expanded their use case to better support internal requests


Betsy Shaefer

Director of Marketing
IBM Watson


Paul Rilstone

Head of Digital

11:00 am - 11:45 am How LogMeIn Turned its Call Center into a Customer Experience Hub

Kathrin Bohnert - Senior Manager of Customer Experience, LogMeIn

In today’s world customer support teams in contact centers serve more of a purpose than just issue resolution – they also play a key role in their organization’s ability to better understand the experiences their customers are having. Capturing and analyzing these types of interactions can drive consistent improvements of policies, processes and products. In this session, Join Kathrin Bohnert, Senior Manager of Customer Experience at LogMeIn, to learn:

  • The benefits they’ve seen since implementing a cohesive customer listening program
  • How they are sharing contact center insights throughout different parts of the organization
  • The contact center insights that have triggered substantial CX improvements


Kathrin Bohnert

Senior Manager of Customer Experience