Day Two - 18 August 2021

9:15 am - 9:55 am EST 2x Sports Companies Personalise their Customer Experience with Big Data

Nicola Cooper - CX Marketing, EMEA, Oracle
Edward Fowler - Marketing Technology Lead, Better Collective

Edward Fowler, Marketing Technology Lead, Better Collective

2020 has been a difficult year for many business, and the sports industry is no exception. While sports leagues were cancelled in the early summer, RotoGrinders and VegasInsiders utilised the down time to understand the value of their customer data by integrating customer data, and creating a 360 degree view of the customer. In this session, discover how 2 sports companies gathered deeper insights into the shift in customer needs and offered a personalised experience with Oracle.

  • Segmenting and personalising to improve eCommerce CX and lift conversion rate
  • Using API’s to deliver 1:1 personalisation in an affiliate business
  • Key learnings from COVID-19 and sports downtime 

Nicola Cooper

CX Marketing, EMEA


Edward Fowler

Marketing Technology Lead
Better Collective

Andrew Baylis, Head of Live Ops and Support, Stuart

Max Klimmek, Global Head of Customer Success, Intercom

Owned by GeoPost, logistics company Stuart faced challenges with an increase in customer queries while maintaining the best customer experience. They needed a communication channel that was faster, more efficient, and more personal to help them onboard and support their customer base as they grew their presence across Europe. In this webinar, discover how the company overcame these challenges by implementing Intercom’s conversational support platform to deliver the best CX.

  • In a test with a B2C customer, 70% of customer queries were resolved with Intercom’s self-serve capabilities and Custom Bots
  • Saving over 88 hours per week and handling up to 90 chats per hour
  • Significant monthly costs savings by switching from SMS to outbound messaging

Max Klimmex

Global Head of Customer Success


Andrew Baylis

Head of Live Ops and Support

Antoinette Taaffe

Senior Field Marketing Manager

10:45 am - 11:15 am EST Networking / Expo Booth

Greg Dowling, Global Director of Business Insights, Glassbox

How should your organization traverse the path from data to insights? Is your organization capable of embracing the necessary change required to achieve digital experience analytics transformation? Join Greg Dowling, Global Director of Business Insights as he guides you through the process of building a future-proof digital strategic measurement framework and communicating effectively through data storytelling.

Prudence Zdravkovic

Global Events
Glassbox Digital


Greg Dowling

Global Director of Business Insights

12:00 pm - 12:40 pm EST Building Customers for Life by Modernizing your Data

Tisha Edmonds - VP, Persistent
Vinayak Datar - Chief Product Manager, Persistent Systems

Vinayak Datar, Chief Product Manager, Persistent

Forward looking companies are delivering exceptional customer experiences not only to keep existing customers but grow and target new customers with highly personalized offers. With digital services, there is an opportunity to delight customers by meeting their rising expectations, providing seamless digital customer experiences, using data to offer tailored products and services to build a lasting relationship – customers for life.

Data is a strategic asset in deepening customer relationships and experiences. The challenge many face is harnessing siloed data from multiple sources to design your customer success infrastructure and program.

Join this session to learn how a cloud-based modern data stack can create an effective customer success platform that cracks the code of B2B customer success. We will also explore how data can be used to build deeper and more meaningful customer relationships.

Tisha Edmonds



Vinayak Datar

Chief Product Manager
Persistent Systems

12:45 pm - 1:00 pm EST CX Network: Everything you Need to Know about Customer Data, Insights & Analytics

Jennifer Pham - Head of Digital Events, IQPC Digital
Simon Fraser - VP of Customer Experience Strategy, InMoment EMEA

Event wrap up session - everything you need to know about Customer Data, Insights & Analytics


Jennifer Pham

Head of Digital Events
IQPC Digital


Simon Fraser

VP of Customer Experience Strategy
InMoment EMEA