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Sharpening Customer-Centric Processes with New Technologies to Ignite Customer Engagement, Maximise Profits and Reduce Operational Costs

Join as we examine how telecom operators can increase customer engagement and stickiness, lower overheads and maximise profits in a crowded market. This event showcases case studies by leading players at the forefront of the market, committed to extracting maximum value from existing customer experience resources and developing effective new CX initiatives to drive their businesses forward in the digital era.

Join us at CX for Telecoms to learn how to:

Reduce churn, grow customer trust and extend customer loyalty by delivering a service tailored specifically around the needs of the modern-day customer

Learn how to optimise your existing services through new and emergent technologies such as customer management software, AI tools, data mining and automation

Determine new communication strategies built specifically around the needs of the customer to create a customer-first culture internally and build a greater connection with subscribers

Increase the number of customer touchpoints and ensure consistent messaging and integration across multiple channels including web, email, phone, SMS and Whatsapp

Revolutionise your customer service operations through new applications, portals and websites that enable frictionless customer self service and seamless service delivery

Leverage customer data to drive personalisation and product recommendations, thereby increasing engagement and revenue

Discover the potential of new AI tools such as Chatbots to take your customer experience in the years ahead to the next level

Shanna Pedersen

Shanna Pedersen

Head of Customer Experience, Corporate


Bernard Szederkenyi

Bernard Szederkenyi

Head of Cx & Digital Evolution

Koodo Mobile

Todd Gilliam

Todd Gilliam

Executive Director, Customer Experience Automated Operations


Maria Belottini

Maria Belottini

Director, Operational Research and Reporting

Tracfone Wireless

Doug Suvalle

Doug Suvalle

VP, Sales

Glassbox Digital

Kim Palenik

Kim Palenik

Sr. Director, Solution Principal, Telecommunications and Media


Peta-Gaye Mckenzie

Peta-Gaye Mckenzie

Sr. Manager for Care Frontline Experience


Mark Briers

Mark Briers

CX Solutions Strategy


Day One: Tuesday 14th April 2020

13:00 BST: Case Study: Creating a Customer-Centric Culture at BT
BT is committed to offering best possible QoS and QoE to all customers. In this incisive presentation, discover how BT are transforming their processes and practices to optimise their CX processes, with the ultimate goal of increasing customer longevity, spend and profits:
  • CX best practice – discover how BT is transforming its operations to excel in an increasingly competitive market
  • The importance of investing in the best systems and processes to deliver accountability, transparency and standardisation across the organisation, whilst maximising efficiency gains 
  • Closing the loop: Showcasing BT’s own strategies to deliver a seamless and personalised customer journey for all
Shanna Pedersen, Customer & Sales Experience, Enterprise, BT, UK 

15:00 BST: Experience Management for Telcos
  • Why every organisation stands or falls according to the quality of its operational processes, and why it is essential to get this right
  • Demonstrating how integrating surveys within the fabric of your organisation is the key to transforming customer experience for the better 
  • Optimising your customer, employee, product and brand experience to increase customer longevity and trust
Mark Briers, CX Solutions Strategy, Qualtrics

    16:00 BST: Achieving Operational Excellence through Data Analytics and Machine Learning
    Join Tracfone and GlassBox Digital for insights from a leading American mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) as they explore anecdotes on their experiences and the value they've seen with data analytics, analysing customer experiences, and machine learning:
    • Leveraging customer data to drive personalization and product recommendations, thereby increasing engagement and revenue
    • Transforming CX by leveraging VoC (Voice of Customer) analysis and session replay to identify operational issues and customer pain points
    • Overview of real success stories of transformed digital experiences and increased conversion rates
    • Best practices with enhancing big data capabilities through machine-learning
    Maria Belottini, Director, Operational Research and Reporting, Tracfone Wireless
    Doug Suvalle, VP Sales, Glassbox

      17:00 BST: Case Study: Revolutionizing How Customer Service Works
      In wanting to serve the customer better, Koodo Mobile have rethought their whole approach towards Customer Experience, going right back to the beginning of customer journey management to ensure that customers receive the best possible care. In this presentation, Bernard Szederkenyi will cover:
      • Koodo’s belief that the best customer service being no ‘Customer Service’ – ie. meeting customer needs much further up the chain and eliminating failure before it occurs
      • Why Koodo is dispensing with traditional Call Center culture and putting new AI-enabled Virtual Assistant initiatives in place to favour the digital customer
      • How to re-educate the customer about the best ways to interact with their phone company
      • Looking beyond digital: Understanding the limitations of simply relying on digital means, and the need to invest in good relations to bring the customer on the modernisation journey with you
      Bernard Szederkenyi, Head of CX & Digital Evolution, Koodo Mobile, Canada

      Day Two: Wednesday 15th April 2020

          15:00 BST: CX Agility in the Face of Rapid Change - T-Mobile and Medallia 
          During this unprecedented time, T-Mobile’s top priority is ensuring critical connections with family, loved ones, and emergency service providers. Building on our reputation as the “Un-carrier,” T-mobile is employing innovative approaches to engage with customers, as well as to care for our employees, who remain committed to keeping our customers connected. Join Medallia Sr. Solution Principal, Kim Palenik, and T-Mobile Sr. Manager for Care Frontline Experience, Peta-Gaye Mckenzie, as they provide a deep-dive of T-Mobile’s mission-critical efforts, to include:
          • Employing creative strategies for working at home and incentivizing employees
          • Changing their customer engagement strategies to remain sensitive to the new normal
          • Messaging back to customers on how their feedback is being used to improve experiences
          Kim Palenik, Sr. Director, Solution Principal, Medallia
          Peta-Gaye McKenzie, Sr. Manager for Care Frontline Experience, T-Mobile

            16:00 BST: Industry Insight: Why Telcos Need to Evolve in Parallel with the Digital Customer
            Digitization is here to stay, and telcos need to keep with the times in order to connect with their customers. Find out how operators are now utilising new tools such as NLP, Data Analytics and even Chatbots to enhance their CX delivery:
            • Emphasizing the need to turn to rethink customer engagement - why NLP and Chatbots are important to ensure a smoother customer service experience moving into the future
            • Measuring Chatbot success – benefits of utilizing Chatbots for simpler customer concerns and managing the transition effectively so that customers don’t feel left behind or ignored when they are interacting with an automated medium
            • Expectations for the development of Telco CX in coming years and the trends that everyone would do well to follow
              Todd Gilliam, Executive Director, Customer Experience Automated Operations, Comcast

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