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Enhancing customer experience through omnichannel integration, 
self-service and employee engagement

Contact centers are facing a period of significant change, largely driven by the pace of technology adoption.

With customer expectations shaped by the big tech firms, they now expect seamless experiences across all channels. Customers expect to have the option to resolve simple issues through self-service technology and, when needed, speak to a human immediately to fix more complex problems.

However, in contrast to the challenges posed by increasing expectations, technology also poses a significant opportunity for forward looking contact center managers. Robotic process automation is shrinking the administrative burden on agents, artificial intelligence is predicting customer intent at scale and chatbots are providing 24/7 support to customers.

Finally, with many predicting the demise of human agents, the reality is that the success of modern contact centers depends on successfully integrating new technology with a highly engaged, capable and customer centric workforce.

With that in mind, CXN LIVE: Contact Centers will focus on:

  • Customer self-service: reducing the friction of self-service channels to enhance the customer experience
  • New technology: leveraging Artificial intelligence, Robotic Process Automation and Chatbots to improve agent effectiveness
  • Omnichannel integration: designing a seamless and integrated experience across all contact channels
  • Staff engagement and retention: enhancing employee engagement through effective recruitment, training and change management

CXN LIVE Contact Centers | Our Expert Speaker Line-up

CXN LIVE Contact Centers | Agenda

Day One: Tuesday 14th July 2020

13:00 BST  Case Study: Why AI is the Way Forward in Terms of Handling Calls
Josue has a huge amount of career experience in implementing AI and chatbots within a customer service environment, and is a passionate believer in the power of automation and artificial intelligence to streamline and amplify customer experience. Join him for this insightful half hour presentation as he unpacks AI’s relevancy for the customer services sector, and explains how Philip Morris International is prioritising AI integration across their customer service operation:
  • Putting measures in place to reduce call volumes and interactions handled by agents, so that they can put more energy into more complex claims
  • Factors to consider when implementing other customer interaction channels to increase sales and how AI and chatbots can aid the number of touchpoints
  • Presenting expectations for how the customer service operation at PMI is likely to evolve over time with the inclusion of AI in the mix
Josue Berlanga, Head of Care and Multichannel Sales (Mexico, Latin America and Canada), Philip Morris International (PMI)

14:00 BST  Optimising Operational Efficiency Through Intelligent Automation
  • Examining the benefits of automation and how it can make for a far more efficient internal operations
  • Why investment in the appropriate emerging technologies such as 5G, Big Data, bots and AI optimise ROI in the long term
  • How AI can make customer service predictive rather than reactive 
(Speaker to be confirmed)

15:00 BST  Avoiding Self-Operating Napkins
Customer experience needs to be seamless, but many contact centers have to run manual processes and siloed applications "under the hood" to deliver this. Simple customer journeys become complex and convoluted.  Using Rube Goldberg’s analogy of the Self-Operating Napkin, Ed Creasey of Calabrio explains how to deliver excellent customer experiences by keeping workforce engagement smart and personalized, but simple.
  • Discover best practices to supercharge insights with Customer Experience Analytics
  • Use cases to empower and engage employees with AI-powered scheduling and self-service tools
  • Benefits of aligning people around a single view of the truth through personalized Performance Management
Ed Creasey, Director of Pre Sales, Calabrio

    16:00 BST  Case Study: Autonomy in 2020: The trends to transform your digital customer experience
    Digital technology is developing at a dizzying pace, and as a business it can be hard to keep up. Following on from their recent worldwide survey into the customer experience, join Nicola Millard as she explores predicted trends of 2020 and beyond, examining the reasons for their successes and reflecting on failures. Her presentation will explore:
    • Whether the modern customer still values an "easy" experience
    • The psychology behind technology – knowing when to integrate digital transformation
    • Retaining human touch points – is there still space for the telephone or are we on the road to an entirely digital customer experience? 
    • Is artificial superficial? Exploring AI and whether it’s a help or hindrance in the world of customer experience
    • Adapt & overcome: What’s next for contact centres and how do they need to respond?
    Nicola Millard, Principal Innovation Partner, Enterprise CTIO, BT

    Day Two: Wednesday 15th July 2020

    13:00 BST  Case Study: Perfecting the Art of Digital Customer Support
    In a time of instantaneous communication and fast developing technologies, customers expect swift answers to problems and the ability to access self-service platforms. As one of the leading and largest technology companies, Microsoft are at the forefront of these technologies and they are well-placed to be able to appreciate how digitizing the customer service operation can completely transform a business. Find out first-hand how Microsoft are applying their own learnings internally.
    • Why newer generations increasingly want to 'self-serve' their problems online, rather than relying on the traditional customer contact center to help them
    • Integrating Diagnostics and AI to build new capabilities so that customers can digitally solve their own queries
    • Introducing AI to handle simple queries regarding accounts and billing, leaving human agents free to tackle more complex queries in a personal manner
    • Perfecting a slick handoff between the bot and the human agent, so that a customer doesn't have to re-explain what they need at any point on their journey
    Bernard Slowey, Worldwide Support Leader, Digital Customer Support, Microsoft

    14:00 BST  Securing Systems and Processes to Safeguard Business Operations and Customer Data
    • Exploring the financial and practical benefits of new technologies and alternative solutions to keep your operations secure
    • Highlighting the importance of securing customer data
    • Improving customer trust over time with the right processes in place
    (Speaker to be confirmed)

    15:00 BST   Quick Wins for Workflow Management
    • Buying time for your internal processes and increasing reliability of your systems and processes
    • Making sure you know if you should apply a process before actually doing it
    • Developing talent management and learning solutions
    • Achieving successful integration of new workflow processes
    (Reserved for Infosys)

      16:00 BST  Case Study: Intelligent Voice Routing at UBS
      Join Henriette Jehnert as she explains why for UBM, modernizing the contact center is all about agility. Increasing the agility to respond to people’s unique circumstances and needs, the ability to become more malleable and upscale and downscale certain elements of their contact center offering as the business develops and expands. But in increasing agility, there is also a need to keep OPEX down across the very many channels they run. Henriette explains how they have determined the optimal pathway forward:
      • Establishing an agile mode of work and a global model which will work across all contact center outposts
      • Why UBS is keen to advocate channel consolidation and homogenization, with a holistic technology framework across the company
      • Highlighting the quest to find easy solutions for tricky problems and what has worked best so far
      • Is it feasibly possible to reduce the number of customer channels in an era where some demographics prefer phone and others prefer online?
      • Tips for rolling out new systems: scanning the market, trying before you buy, and testing potential technology solutions adequately in advance to ensure maximum success in situ
      Henriette Jehnert, Executive Director and Head of Multichannel Contact Center Services, UBS

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