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Is your company keeping up with tech savvy customers?

Today's advancing digital capabilies are breeding a culture of tech savvy customers. Financial services companies are expected to perform consistently to meet rising client expectations and provide a seamless brand and customer experience. Download our infographic to find out more about current user expectations for an omni-channel customer experience in financial services. 

The Power of Personalisation: From Novelty to Necessity

In order to remain competitive in a saturated market, financial institutions are endeavouring to shift power into the hands of the consumer by introducing elements of personalisation into their customer experience model. CX Network spoke exclusively to Tristan Thomas, Head of Marketing & Community, Monzo about taking personalisation to a new level in the industry.

Challenges, Obstacles and Solutions: A Road Map to Customer Centricity in Financial Services

Organisations need to ensure they are meeting the needs of their customers through a customer-centric culture in order to retain their customer base; this is integral to business success in a highly saturated marketplace. CX Network spoke exclusively to two industry experts about the key challenges, obstacles and solutions in creating a customer-centric culture in the financial services industry.