Inspiring a Culture Shift with EX: How are Customers Viewing Us?

Inspiring a Culture Shift with EX: How are Customers Viewing Us?

When business leaders describe their vision for disrupting an industry it often hinges on what that looks like for customers. It's about surprising and delighting them while making the experience faster and more convenient. But where does the employee fit into that vision?

Ahead of this years CX EX Transformation Nordics conference we had the opportunity to interview Kati Packalén, Head of Customer Experience, PostNord. She shares her insights on how companies are looking to rapidly scale and accelerate their customer experience as fast as they're growing their business will crucially need to employee EX best practices to succeed.

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Kati Packalén also shares her insights on creating a culture of employee inspiration as an additional layer to Maslow's basic hierarchy of needs in order to raise the benchmark of employee satisfaction to employee commitment which has been proven to increase productivity.

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  • How can hypergrowth companies enhance their CX through employee wellbeing?
  • In your opinion, why do companies who focus on improved customer experience achieve better employee outcomes?
  • What do you think are biggest challenges of combing CX and EX?
  • Why is it important to create a culture of employee inspiration in order to achieve a more efficient CX strategy?
  • Where do you see the biggest convergence between CX teams and EX teams in the workplace?
  • How does applying Maslow’s basic hierarchy of needs improve EX and CX strategies?

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