Exponea: Customer Experience in E-Commerce

Exponea: Customer Experience in E-Commerce

86% of customers will pay more for a better experience, and that experience is the key to retaining those customers in the long term.

In a world where acquiring a customer is 500% more expensive than retaining one, creating an experience your customers will stick around for is well worth the investment. So what experience do customers want? A personalized one. Customers want an experience that saves them time and adds value to their shopping. Banner ads, discounts, product recommendations: these all need to be relevant to each individual customer. Where do you start? Every company has different strengths and weaknesses, so start by identifying which area of your site is most in need of improvement.

The section below will go through how to analyze your site to find what needs work. The next section will move into specific personalization tactics, you can start applying now, and the final section will review use cases for different recommendation models.

This report was created by one of our 2019 Sponsors Exponea and we are happy to share these industry insights on their behalf.

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