Exponea: CDP Predictions - The Winning Combo

Exponea: CDP Predictions - The Winning Combo

Although many types of predictive analytic techniques have been around for decades, the use has recently exploded due to the increased ability to capture and store customer data. Not only is computing power more readily available, but access to software that identifies, reorganizes, and merges communication channels to a central, un-siloed data hub has unlocked the use of predictive analytics for the likes of retail professionals.

This ebook will discuss the many predictive analytic techniques, but rather than focusing exclusively on explaining in detail the algorithms involved, we’ll dive into the process of doing predictions in the real world—complete with use cases that predict Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), identify which customers are ready to buy, highlight those most likely to churn, and so on.

By the end of the ebook you’ll have the foundations you need to start solving real-world problems using the killer combination of data-organizing software and predictive analytics.

This report was created by one of our 2019 Sponsors Exponea and we are happy to share these industry insights on their behalf.

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