Redefining Customer Experience in the New Normal

15 - 16 June, 2021 | 10:00 AM (SGT) | Free Online Event

15 June 2021 Tuesday

10:05 am - 10:10 am SGT Chairperson Opening Address

Akira Mitsumasu - VP of Global Marketing, Japan Airlines


Akira Mitsumasu

VP of Global Marketing
Japan Airlines

10:00 am - 10:05 am SGT CX Network Welcome & Housekeeping Address

·        Keeping pace with changing customer expectations and setting new CX standards in Asia

·        Shifting towards customer-centricity with strategic investments in people, process and technology

·        Deploying effective customer-focused strategies to deliver greater customer value and business growth


Gerald Carroll

Area Vice President, Customer Workflows APJ


Neil Gardner

Chief Customer Officer


Nicholas Chee

Head of e-Channels- Group Product Development, Wholesale Banking


Rudy Dalimunthe

Vice President, Operations


Shyanne Browning

Head of Customer Experience, Sub-Region Asia
Roche Diabetes Care

The pace and scale of change ahead of us is unprecedented. Disruptive demographic shifts are looming. For example, some say there will be more women millionaires than men by 2030. Birth rates are declining globally, while a hypermobile, increased aging yet, technologically savvy population will make up for more than half of consumers. As these shifts upend the status quo, so will consumer mindsets, behaviours, attitudes and expectations. Join us as we discuss the paradigm shifts in Asia, and how organisations can anticipate and adapt to design human-centred, customer-driven products, services and experiences.


Hema Thiagarajah

VP Client Partner, Asia Pacific


Chandni Shah Motwani

Director of Strategy, Asia Pacific

11:30 am - 12:10 pm SGT Truly Great Customer Experience can only be achieved by Digitising and Automating Customer Operations

Pooi Chie Lee - Advisory Solution Consultant, Customer Workflows, ServiceNow

Often times, we focus on the engagement aspect of customer experience, however, we know that there is a plethora of people and teams who make our agents “look good”. They are the unsung heroes who work tirelessly to resolve customer issues. We can help them by:

  • Reviewing our digitisation roadmap and key customer operations strategies
  • Evaluating processes to automate and digitise toward greater business outcomes

Pooi Chie Lee

Advisory Solution Consultant, Customer Workflows

12:10 pm - 12:50 pm SGT Embracing Data-Driven Personalisation to Engage, Attract and Convert Tomorrow’s Customers

Yuhui Yao - Group Vice President, Head of Customer Analytics & Behavioural Insights, FWD Insurance

·        Analysing data and segments for advanced insights to drive product and service differentiation

·        Building customer loyalty and enhancing engagement with hyper-personalisation

·        Harnessing the potential of real-time data analytics in customer acquisition and engagement 


Yuhui Yao

Group Vice President, Head of Customer Analytics & Behavioural Insights
FWD Insurance

12:50 pm - 12:55 pm SGT End of Virtual Conference Day One