Day Three 18 Mar 2021 - Thursday

9:30 am - 10:15 am Establishing CX Design Frameworks and Principles to Ensure the Customer is the Number One Priority

Tina Morrell - General Manager, Customer Strategy and Experience, The NRMA

With over 2.6 million members at NRMA, internal buy-in has been of real importance to initially drive the customer strategy and experience design. The priority has centered around listening to the customer, gaining customer feedback, understanding what customer value means and developing strategies to remain relevant. This session will address:

·        How we developed ‘squads’ internally to break down silos and improve customer response times

·        Aligning brand, reputation, and agile ways of working to anchor our strategy back to the customer

Discovering pain points, proof points and success metrics to build upon  


Tina Morrell

General Manager, Customer Strategy and Experience

10:30 am - 11:15 am Fireside Chat: A 101 on aligning a customer centric culture, CX strategy and technology adoption in 2021

Aiden Turner - Customer Service Manager Asia Pacific, Graymont

A global leader, Graymont's products are essential in addressing today's most pressing environmental issues while supporting vital industrial processes and agricultural needs. Join Graymont's Customer Service Manager (APAC), Aiden Turner, for a fireside chat as he discusses the importance of adopting the right technology and having a sound CX strategy that assists in aligning a customer-centric culture across the organisation. 


Aiden Turner

Customer Service Manager Asia Pacific

11:30 am - 12:15 pm Power your CX, by powering up first party data with identity resolution

Ashish Sinha - Managing Director, APAC & MEA, Epsilon

Businesses succeed when they are customer obsessed. Enhanced customer experiences can be delivered through data centric practices that help improve personalization. Customer identity unification is turning out to be the bridge between foundational data practices and the ability to leverage insights for true experience orchestration. This leads to increased retention, lower acquisition costs delivering better ROI by driving business from look-alike, high-value customers.

This session will address:

  • Learnings from companies that have and have not implemented foundational data practices – Forrester research across 250 businesses in the APAC/MEA region
  • Understand APAC/MEA related challenges that slow down data driven practices
  • Learn about key shifts/trends in the APAC region around customer engagement
  • Understand APAC best practices to streamline the customers’ path to purchase experience
  • Organizational efforts to improve Lead gen and increase share-of-wallet

Ashish Sinha

Managing Director, APAC & MEA

Most people don’t think of data and customer sentiment as two sides of the same coin, but at SAS we believe that customer analytics empowers curiosity, creativity, courtesy and culture – what we call C4. Many CX leaders struggle with getting cut-through, being able to link revenue increases to campaigns, and relate to their customer’s context at an individual level. In this talk, you’ll discover how brands get on the front foot with their customer experience, through data.


Justin Theng

Head of Customer Analytics


Regan Yan

Chief Executive Officer
Digital Alchemy

1:30 pm - 2:15 pm Powering CX with EX in the Experience Economy

Natalie Keightley - Solutions Marketing Director, Avaya

Customers are changing and, with it, so are the expectations of a great customer experience. And, your employees are even more critical to the customer experience and your success than ever before. Operating in today’s Experience Economy requires a different way of thinking and a different approach. Join this webinar to find out why experience matters and how you can improve your employee experience, make your workforce more effective, and deliver exceptional customer experience to excel in today’s Experience Economy.


Natalie Keightley

Solutions Marketing Director

Fulfilling the Five Senses and Using a Hybrid Approach to Alleviate the Customer Journey

  • How to use a 180-degree approach to bolster online and onsite touch points of the customer
  • How we have focused on creating a seamless experience harnessing technology
  • Utilising Voice of Customer to support decisions on delighting customers better 

The Drive for Purpose: How to Build Customer Loyalty

  • How to aim to be an organisation that stands for a bigger purpose
  • Understanding value specific to that specific customer – how do we measure this?
  • What does Customer Experience (CX) look like today in its current state and how are businesses and consumers thinking about CX? 

Cynthia Tang

Senior CX Manager
Sunway Malls


Uddalak Chatterjee

VP and Head Branch Operations and Training
Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co. Ltd.


Emira Oepangat

Head of Live Operations
Chubb Insurance


Sandra de Zoysa

Group Chief Customer Officer
Dialog Axiata