Day One 16 Mar 2021 - Tuesday

9:30 am - 10:15 am Aligning Advertising, Experience and Employee Behaviour to Deliver the Customer Promise

Neil Gardner - Chief Customer Officer – Asia, Generali

Listen to Neil as he shares Generali’s journey towards delivering their Customer Promise. He will discuss:

  • Aligning the organisation around a central vision to put the Customer first.
  • Adapting the vision to be more relevant with building Marketing & Operations capability
  • Understanding the importance of culture across all departments to drive a CX mindset
  • Re-define key KPIs to bring a Customer perspective to measuring success

Neil Gardner

Chief Customer Officer – Asia

10:30 am - 11:15 am Going Beyond Customer Experience: Connecting our CX teams to the people that make us look good!

Paul Baptist - Senior Director, Solution Consulting – Customer Workflows, ServiceNow
Wai Hong Fong - Chieftain and co-Founder, StoreHub

The people that make us look good are our customers and in order to boost and retain their loyalty organisations need to create a seamless customer experience across all channels and service operations. 


Have your customers had a great interaction with a customer service agent only to be let down because they had to call back or the interaction doesn’t resolve their issue? 

Do they have to repeat themselves every time they contact your CX team across different channels? And are your CX teams being held responsible for being let down by other teams in the business? 


Join us to learn how by going beyond CX, ServiceNow reduces all of this experience fracturing by creating a seamless experience across channels and service operations.


Paul Baptist

Senior Director, Solution Consulting – Customer Workflows


Wai Hong Fong

Chieftain and co-Founder

11:30 am - 12:15 pm Can technology deliver on the promise of empathetic customer experience

Dave Flanagan - Director, Digital & Conversational AI – ANZ, Genesys
Tomas Haffenden - Futurist, VERSA Agency

A discussion on the adoption of AI solutions to deliver scalable, personalised engagement.

While trends show that AI adoption is on the rise at an accelerated rate due to the last twelve months, much of this has been brought on to achieve better efficiency and effectiveness in customer management. In this session we will take a closer look at what this has meant for a customer’s experience and how companies can introduce empathy to enhance that experience and the role that technology plays. We will walk through scenarios where the use of technology, data and AI can help you start to automate and offer empathy at scale.

We will be joined by Tomas Haffenden, Futurist @ VERSA Agency who will share insights on the fast-changing expectations and behaviours of people when interacting with organisations, and how specifically AI and automation is helping to reshape the delivery of more empathetic, personalised and contextual customer experiences


Dave Flanagan

Director, Digital & Conversational AI – ANZ


Tomas Haffenden

VERSA Agency

The world has changed, and your customer experience needs to change too. In APAC, CX teams still struggle with new challenges - 75% of customers think about their experience when making a purchase, and more than half will go after just one bad experience.


2021 is going to be all about CX transformation to thrive and get ahead in your business. Join our Zendesk experts as we explore the impact of the top CX trends and arm yourself with concrete ways to adapt and meet customer expectations. 


Malcolm Koh

Customer Experience Strategist


Sophie Devlin

Senior Manager, Customer Success


Olive Huang

Vice President Product Strategy - Service Cloud


Matthijs de Man

Director of Club Services and Innovation
Anantara Vacation Club

2:30 pm - 3:15 pm Using VoC and Analysing Unprovoked Data to Enhance the Digital E-2-E Customer Experience

Lara Truelove - Head of CX, Singlife
  • Collect and analysing customer personas and journey mapping to inform customer experience (CX) improvements
  • Using VoC insights to influence Sales, Marketing and Product teams and bolster human touch points
  • Empathising with the customer and aligning customer success internally to deliver a better end-to-end customer experience

Lara Truelove

Head of CX