29 – 30 JULY 2020 │ ONLINE EVENT

Smart Logistics: Innovation, Modernisation And Transformation

Given the current challenges we are facing as a global community, logistics and supply chain leaders are radically changing the way they operate and manoeuvre rapidly changing business landscapes. Organisations that are able to innovate and transform their logistics and supply chain strategies will be able to ride out this storm and come out on top.

Smart Logistics Asia 2020 will bring together senior-level executives across a variety of industries to share best practices and real life case studies on utilising technologies to reduce costs and increase efficiency, as well as implementing sound logistics infrastructures that are flexible, adaptive, and customer-centric.

Join us this July for key takeaways and next actionable steps for your business!

Hear Leading Smart Logistics Case Studies

Leverage digital technologies to achieve production and delivery innovation

Reduce inefficiencies, costs and improve transparency and profitability through automation

Detect early warning signs and enable real-time decision making

Analyse data to strategise operations and achieve broader business objectives

Synchronise inventory, logistics and distribution functions across all sales channels to meet consumer demand

Integrate existing platforms with vendor, supplier, distribution center, warehouse and management systems

Why You Should Not Miss Out

Discover how top logistics and supply chain leaders across multiple industries are driving digital transformation and leveraging technologies that generate real value

Hear world-class speakers share practical and actionable insights to reduce costs, enhance performance and customer satisfaction

Gain unparalleled networking opportunities and forge mutually beneficial partnerships with the region's best

Benchmark with the region’s top logistics and supply chain leaders on the performance of your department and strategic collaboration with other business functions

Deep dive into your challenges and formulate actionable strategies through interactive discussions and workshops with your regional peers

Connect with the world’s leading solution providers to discover the most innovative and suitable products that will help you solve your business challenges