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Did you know 60% of companies think they’re providing a good customer experience, yet only 22% of customers agree? So the question remains, how do we solve this?

The first step? Change how we think!

Design Thinking World will provide the leading insights and strategies needed to position your design team in creating more customer-centric products and solutions for the wider business.

It is with these insights and solutions that emphasis has been placed to drive new and ongoing customer centric approaches as a key brand differentiator. Provide squads with targeted missions on empathy, collaboration and experimentation to deliver real customer centric solutions.

Why attend:

  1. Turn Innovative Ideas into Viable Companies: See How Human Centered Design is becoming the Bread and Butter for Today’s Business Disruptors
  2. Learn to Create a Shared World between Experience and Capability by Evolving Your Existing Data into Real Life Personas
  3. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes by learning how Failure Experience Can be the Catalyst for True Transformation
  4. Use Design Thinking to Assist with Workflow Management, Improving Flexible Working and the Employee Experience
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