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Empower your agents to become the problem-solving magicians so many of your customers expect by uncovering new advancements in AI, digital disruption and a relationship-driven contact centre.

Did you know 71% of consumers say they want a consistent experience across all channels, yet only 29% actually receive this?

The contact centre is transforming to fix this disparity. With this transformation comes a growing importance to drive new and ongoing customer relationships and digital investments to improve customer contact.

The Contact Centre Transformation conference will bring together leaders of the contact centre, digital experience and customer service professionals involved in advancing their service centre for a new wave of customer operation!

Why attend:

  1. Learn how you can Keep Pace with Change to Gear your Contact Centre for the Next Wave of Digital Experiences
  2. Continue to drive agent engagement and mentorship by Upskilling your Teams to Operate in a Shifting Digital Environment
  3. Drive a Culture of Change through Chatbot Led Development in order to take your Bot from a Support Role to a Personal Role
  4. Understand How Contact Centre Data Creates Holistic Journeys: What is the Role of AI in Developing Seamless Contact Centre Operations?
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